Hollywood Celebrities with Big Homes

When a person earns millions of dollars from their job, it is evident for them to invest their earnings in real estate. This is what most of the celebrities these days are doing. They are making the most of their money by building mansions, villas and bungalows that are filled with world famous facilities, accommodations and amenities that are not typically seen in normal houses. Some of the Hollywood celebrities with big homes include:
Aaron Spelling house
Aaron Spelling House

1. Aaron Spelling

Worth of house: 150 million dollars
Aaron is a famous TV producer and has given us many blockbusters like Dynasty, Charmed and Beverly hills 90210. With the money he has made with these projects he has bought a 56,500 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. His mansion supposedly has swimming pool, tennis courtyard, skateboarding rink, and a bowling lane.
Bill Gates house
Bill Gates House

2. Bill Gates

Worth of house: 147.5 million dollars
He has made billions of dollars from his Microsoft Corporation over the years of its inauguration. With that money Bill Gates has bought a 66,000 square foot house in Washington D.C. his house has its own library with other fancy facilities.
Oprah Winfrey house
Oprah Winfrey House

3. Oprah Winfrey

Worth of house: 85 million dollars
She has been branched with the title of Queen of Talk and was able to invest her money in a very huge and expensive mansion. Her mansion is made up of 6 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, a lake for her outlandish fish collection, and her private movie cinema.
Hugh Hefner house
Hugh Hefner House

4. Hugh Hefner

Worth of house: 54 million dollars
Hugh Hefner’s huge mansion is now known as The Playboy Mansion. His house has an enormous swimming pool, its very own unique game room, wine vault, and even different tennis courts. The mansion also has its own zoological gardens, aviary, and waterfalls where the playboy girls are often seen parting and enjoying themselves.
Billy Joel house
Billy Joel house

5. Billy Joel

Worth of house: 35 million dollars 
His house is positioned in a high-class La Gorce island and can be measured up to 303,310 square feet. This house has its own dock, boat slide, swimming pool, open-air kitchen, and courtyard.
Jerry Seinfeld house
Jerry Seinfeld House

6. Jerry Seinfeld

Worth of house: 32 million dollars
Jerry has made himself an extravagant house The Hamptons after doing nine seasons of the show that made it very big throughout the world. His house has its own baseball field since he is a huge fan of this game.
Christie Brinkley house
Christie Brinkley House

7. Christie Brinkley

Worth of house: 30 million dollars
Christie is a famous supermodel who has now bought a mansion New York. Her house reportedly has 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms along with an observation deck that may rise up to 50 feet.
Arnold Schwarzenegger house
Arnold Schwarzenegger House

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Worth of house: 23.5 million dollars
Actor turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger has now bought a 14,500 square foot mansion in California. His house is no doubt one of the most expensive houses of the region.
Will Smith house
Will Smith House

9. Will Smith

Worth of house: 20 million dollars
He was clever enough to finance in such a vast residence consisting of basketball courts, golf course, and many other indulgences.
Ozzy Osbourne house
Ozzy Osbourne House

10. Ozzy Osbourne

Worth of house: 10 million dollars
Ozzy used to have his own self-titled reality TV show that gave him a massive success. With his money, he was able to endow in such a big property in the state of California. He has a 10,953 square foot home consisting of six bedrooms and ten restrooms.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Finally Became Parents- How Sandra Bullock Helped

Most charming Jennifer Aniston and equally handsome Justin Theroux have finally decided to become parents and expand their family. It was on 23rd March that reports from different sources flooded about the couple’s decision to adopt two young girls from Midwest. It was quite interesting for the fans and friends to see the lovely couple going to be parents and ever loving “Rachel” from friends to be a mommy in real life. Their decision for adoption was in process since the beginning of the year and one name that cannot be forgotten by the couple in this regard is of Sandra Bullock, who helped her level best to encourage and guide Jen and Justin to make it happen.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin child

Jennifer Aniston who is now 46 is the ever green beauty and charming lady of Hollywood mainly for her role of Rachel in sitcom “Friends”. Jennifer was married to Brad Pitt in 2000 and after her divorce from Pitt in 2005, she came to find her ways along with Justin Theroux whom she met in 2011. Justin is also a renowned actor, director and screenwriter who came up with his phenomenal works in Inland Empire and Iron Man 2. They met in 2011 as coworkers in Wanderlust and started off their relationship. In 2012, the couple got engaged and bought a house in Los Angeles. They got married recently in 2015 making their fans surprised and excited at the same time.

In the beginning of the year 2016, we could figure out the couple keeping good terms with Sandra Bullock and increasing their friendship with her. They openly revealed their stance on growing up their family just like Sandra did by adopting little girl ‘Laila’. Jennifer and Sandra have been spotted coming close to each other and now it’s very clear that the reason that brought them closer was this process of adaptation. Since 2014, they had been talking about how to manage things in regard with the adaptation process. Jennifer must be very grateful to Sandra since she is kidaholic and wanted to have babies like crazy. The couple tried to have babies, when they were not even engaged, in 2012. They failed according to medical reports, Jennifer couldn’t make it to be a mother through natural means. That was quite disturbing for the couple. They had decided to adopt children at that point of their lives.
jennifer aniston and justin theroux 2016
The addition of new members to their family is making both of them very excited and the level of happiness is not easy to describe in words according to Jennifer. Sandra has been a great mother and is experienced in the process of adopting baby. According to her, it’s quite difficult to take things smooth and sound while adopting kids for its necessary to hide it from media and to protect the kid from the effects of the happenings. She remained a support to Jennifer and Justin throughout and she advised Jennifer to keep this adoption hidden from media as much as possible. Jennifer could manage it easily since the couple already hid their marriage previously, it was nothing difficult for them.

How qualified is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s name needs no introduction. He is a 22 year American singer, song writer and musician who are currently residing in Ontario, Canada. He started his career off with his YouTube account that used to work as a broadcasting channel for his talent. He had extraordinary singing talent as a child and did not hesitate to show his mother his ever growing interest in music. He used to teach himself different instruments and soon made a huge fan following on YouTube. Later, he caught attention of Scooter Braun who is his current manager. His first album One Time was a major hit and was certified platinum in both Canada and America. All this success and fame got to Justin Bieber and as much as he was gaining the attention and reputation, he somehow got distracted from his education. He attended Avon Public School, Bedford Public School, and Downie Central Public School, but ended up dropping out from all of them.
justin bieber 2016

Even though Justin Bieber has the entire world and its fame in his feet but it seems like his mother is very important for him and that he is ready to do all for her sake. When Justin Bieber got dropped out of different schools, his mother decided to motivate him towards completing his education. After which, in 2012, Justin Bieber managed to finish his high school with good grades. Justine Bieber was one of the 192 graduates who were present at the St Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford, which apprehended its graduation ceremony. According to different reports, though Justin avoided the initial events. A superintendent for the local school board named Dan Parr said that Justin Bieber kept all aspects of his education very quiet and hidden from media. After he left Stratford at the age of 13, he started studying online in order to complete his diploma. The administration of his school said that they are very proud of Justin Bieber and are very happy that he chose them to complete his high school. The headmaster of the high school Justin studied in added that Bieber contributed in an e-learning platform and chanced all the requests needed to graduate which consist of 30 credits, 40 hours of municipal provision and passing a literacy examination.
justin bieber 2016 pics
Justin Bieber has revealed that he did all of this for the sake of his mother but otherwise it was becoming very difficult for him to handle work and school at the same time. Bieber has now experienced enormous sums of accomplishment at the tender age of 22 that if he wanted to give up work now he would have sufficient to last him an era. But at the demand of single mother Pattie Mallette, Justin made certain he had a reserved strategy by finishing the imperative education path. Glamour word has no doubt given him a very different prospective on life but he is trying hard to travel the world, keep up with his singing and get proper education as well.

Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review

Miracles from Heaven is an American Christian drama film released in 2016.  This movie has been written by Randy Brown and is directed by Patricia Riggen. This movie is based on true events and is inspired by the memoir of Christy Beam and focuses on the story of her young daughter who almost had a near death experience and was later treated from an eternal disease. The stars who have worked in the movie include Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, Eugenio Derbez, and Queen Latifah. The standard photography of Miracles from Heaven began in Georgia, Atlanta and after the entire filming was done, the movie was released for the audience in March 2016.
Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review
Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review

As she did in her movie The 33, executive Patricia Riggen has presented Miracles from Heaven's cast and characters by creating one leading attribute that will describe them during the entire course of the movie. Also, like her other films,  she has filmed the movie characters beforehand at a radiant courtyard grill and has forced in for calm details of wholesome visions like ribs being greased and kids playing on swings to create a family in the setting of its community. This entirely energetic gathering was commanded by the friendly, funny, and wise Pastor Scott (John Carroll Lynch).
miracles from heaven trailer
Miracles from Heaven
Miracles from Heaven perceives the amenable Anna from a bit of remoteness, concentrating mostly on Christy's retorts to the pains of her daughter. The film observes sick Anna from a bit of a distance, focusing mainly on Christy's reactions to her daughter's torment. There are many scenes in the film that shows utter responsive influence of imagining a child in such threat. There are also many inundating sections with honest sentiments, like the one where Anna drops her typical open-mouthed faced and expresses to her mother that she just wants be through with the agony and decease. For the most part of Miracles from Heaven, circumstances and individuals are sketched out too informally to create an emotional touch. According to different critiques, this is a precisely human emotion film that is almost all about God's significance, God's selections and God's judgment. Others said that this movie has stretched about approximately two hours and is only there to tell a story that could have been sufficiently laid out in a 30-second TV advertisement.
miracles from heaven release date
Miracles from Heaven have established diverse assessments and reviews from criticizers. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, this film has a score of 52 percent, grounded on about 58 reviews, giving audience a mediocre rating of 5.3 out of 10. The consensus of the site declaims that Miracles from Heaven makes the most out of exceptional acting from Jennifer Garner, but it is not fairly abundant to keep this trust based play from speaking to the choir. On Meta-critic website the movie has a mark of 44 out of 100, built on 20 critics, demonstrating that there are diversified or normal reviews. On Cinema-score, viewers have given this film an ordinary rating of A+ on an A+ to F scale.

Will Tom Hiddleston be the Next James Bond?

James Bond is one of the most amazing and spectacular character created by the Hollywood industry. This is the main reason why every man, once in his entire lifetime wishes to be like him or act his way in the movies. In the initial series of the James Bond films, Daniel Craig has played the main leads, but according to different resources. He is bidding farewell to this role and leaving the most iconic part of film industry for another man to thrive.
Hiddleston vs James Bond
Many names were under investigation by the producers who were still hoping to bring their shining star back into the sequel but Daniel has given them no confirmation yet. Many other powerful actors are therefore being tipped to take his place as a leading cast. Tom Hiddleston is rising as a superstar for the past few years and has wowed everyone with his commanding roles in films like The Avengers (2012), War Horse (2011) and Midnight in Paris (2011). Furthermore, the commercial appeal of Tom Hiddleston is growing rapidly, thus making him a very good candidate for the role of James Bond. There are many reasons as to why Tom Hiddleston would be a better choice for the film. Since, James bond is a rotating identity, Tom Hiddleston can be very cool and thoughtfully impeccable in the character. This movie would also give Tom Hiddleston a chance of being a lover as well as fighter at the same time, which will definitely bring out his dominant acting skills on the screen. Many rumors about Tom Hiddleston playing the role of James Bond has gotten the world of internet in frenzy and many fans are flooding twitter with loads of tweets and are even making groups/pages saying they want Tom Hiddleston to be the next James Bond. According to some of the tweets, he was flawless as F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris so he will be incredible depicting James Bond, while for others it can be a very controversial pick for the movie but people can at least give him a chance to prove. Reports about Tom Hiddleston treading into the character's next restatement have been on the net for a while now. He is branded by being charming, classy, attractive, and rough and appealing which are certainly the features required performing James Bond.
Will Tom Hiddleston Be The Net James Bond
Other than Tom Hiddleston, many names are also under consideration. These names include Damian Lewis who according to different rumors has already signed up for the movie, James Norton who’s acting in Happy Valley, Grantchester and War & Peace have augmented his chances for the James Bond character. Other than these stars, Tom Hardy’s name is also being suggested as he has a lot of determination and has verified to the fans that he can look cruel and be a cool car racer in Mad Max: Fury Road. He also radiates passion, which an absolute Bond must do. Hardy is a huge success with the public as well, because in different surveys, 22 per cent of a 1000 Bond fans voted that they fancy him for James Bond character.

Kendall Jenner Now On Vogue Cover

Kendall Jenner is one of the most iconic fashion model and television personalities of America. She started gaining attention of her fans by starring in a reality TV show called Keeping up with the Kardashians after which she led herself into the world of modeling and soon became a prominent figure in the recent supermodel resurgence. One of the most prestigious fashion magazines Vogue has given her the title of The Instagirl Era while according to Harpers Bazar; she is the Social Media Modelling. Kendall Jenner has made millions of fans o social media by posting her backstage and onstage selfies along with her different career updates, creating a unique public image of her.
kendall jenner vogue cover 2016
Recently, Kendall Jenner has posted some of her backstage pictures from her glamorous shoot for Vogue magazine. After she landed her first cover of Vogue, her fans went crazy. Later, she also revealed that for a special edition issue she will be hanging out with two businesspersons she likes i.e. Tory Burch and Carmelo Anthony. Good news for her die-hard fans is that Vogue’s issue for April 2016 will be all about Kendall Jenner and all the things that she likes or dislikes. The issue is specially designed to cover everything about Kendall from her enormous social media succeeding to how she attires spring's coolest styles. But, the catch here is that this special edition will only be available for the subscribers who live in New York City or Los Angeles who will receive this issue bundled with the Rihanna fronted monthly issue.

Kendall Jenner is gracing January issue of Vogue Brazil where the main picture features a young Jenner beaming as she runs her fingers from her dark, long hair while wearing a sleeveless dress given by Dior for the shoot. Russell James was the one to shoot the featured images and was selected because he is Kendall Jenner’s most favorite photographer. According to Kendall Jenner, if there is someone who tells about her modeling expedition, which would be Russell himself who knows the reasons as to why I am what I am today. She further added that she is very happy to do the shoot with him and is feeling honored to be working with him for Vogue magazine.
kendall jenner vogue cover

This is not the first time that Kendall has appeared on the covers of Vogue Magazine but the star from Keeping up with the Kardashians had already slashed her first commercial in the American edition exclusively in its September edition, which is acknowledged to be the prime hit of that year. In the same month, she also premiered her shoots of the fashion bibles in the editions of Japan and Paris in 24 hours of each other. She has also been the face of Teen Vogue's September issue, which presented two distinct covers of hers. Rumors of future editorials are in the news but her fans will have to wait for some more time to see her on the covers yet again.

Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million in Punitive Damages On Top Of $115 Million in Gawker Suit

Gawker Media has been in trouble after posting sex video of renowned wrestler Hulk Hogan. The court trials are in process and as of 22nd March, jury awards Hulk Hogan an extra $25 million, split in a way that $15 million to be awarded by Gawker Media in punitive damages and $10 million to be paid by Gawker’s owner. Although the jury had already awarded a huge amount of $115 million to Hogan on Friday that was in the name of financial and emotional disturbance after this sex tape.
Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million in Punitive Damages
Hulk Hogan is a popular name in WWF since 1980s and also a Television personality and entrepreneur. Hogan recently faced a big time of his life when he got into hot waters after witnessing his sex tape posted by Gawker media. In the video that has been posted, he was having sex with his very close friend’s wife. But Hogan denied that he never knew if he was being taped. That was genuinely a criminal act on behalf of the video maker and equally the media that posted it. So Hogan sued the renowned channel for this act as a result of which six jurors were set to work on the case and figure out that how much of a punitive amount Gawker could pay off to Hogan.

Jurors after considering the worth of the company in general, given a verdict that $115 million should be paid to the victim of sex tape earlier on Friday. The company’s founder Nick Denton and its former editor A.J. Daulerio had to face a huge and destructive situation in regard with their net worth as well as the company’s worth. But that was not enough in the words of Hogan’s attorney Keneth Turkel who called out another $25 million on Monday for ruining the image with such immature and ruthless manner by media and that it would be exemplary for other media channels to avoid such acts just to get ratings.
nick denton hulk hogan

A separate $100,000 were also assessed from the editor of the video A.J. Daulerio. That makes a total of $140 million that Gawker had to pay off altogether to Hulk Hogan. The Gawker’s lawyer Michael Berry was thoughtful over the verdict and made efforts to get some penalty out of it. According to him, the verdict would bring financial destruction to the Gawker’s company after things would settle down.

Pamila Campbell, Florida judge was expected to give an ear to the appeal made by Gawker after the verdict of awarding $25 million additional. But the court and the judgment both found it fine in order to make the media and such responsible channels to make them realize not to take someone’s privacy and reputation in their hands. The punitive damages of $25 million have become the talk of the town and Berry says it would bring a resistance from other news channels from their writers, publishers and editors.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s Private Vacation Photos Leaked On

Kendall Jenner and harry styles

harry styles and kendall jenner vacation leaked photos
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
Kendall Jenner and harry styles privacy has been invaded big time this month after an iCloud hacker leaked their romantic and steamy vacation pictures. According to the reports, on Saturday 19th march, the couple’s private St. Bart’s vacation pictures have been released online after the iCloud account of Harry Style’s mother Anne Cox was hacked by an admirer.
harry styles and kendall jenner vacation photos leaked
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
The photos leaked online included more than two dozen images which were then posted online on different social media websites causing the unlawful leak to trend on the account of Anne’s iCloud as well. In the intimate shots released and hacked online, 22 year old Harry Styles and 20 years old Kendall Jenner are clearly visible romancing around and were always cozied up with each other on a big yacht wearing their swimsuits. Among all these pictures, a few of them also showed the star from Keeping up with the Kardashians rocking a thin black bikini while sitting on the lap of One Directions’ rock star. Some of the pictures were from their romantic dinner where this adorable pair can be seen together dinning in a fancy restaurant and enjoying each other’s company. After all the pictures were hacked Anne immediately deleted her twitter account and her Instagram profile as all the fans were going crazy and were sharing the pictures of Harry and Kendall everywhere. Many of Kendall’s and Harry’s fans are condemning this hack and are telling other fans not to look or share their images but even then so many pictures have been unrestricted and are still present online.
harry styles and kendall jenner news
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
After the release of their private vacation photos, even Harry Styles suspended his twitter account but his fan made another one with a new name i.e. leoslut and unleashed many of their intimate and private pictures online. A sugary shot of the young couple exposed Harry smiling as he relaxed on the cruiser wearing a very nice aloha shirt. Another image has Harry beaming at the camera as Kendall cloaks her arms around him in a hug, hiding her face in his hair. These leaked photos have raised many questions and people cannot help but wonder if Harry is truly in love with Kendall and if Kendall is in love with him too. A lot of people and fans are also wondering if they are trying to keep their relationship a big secret from everyone especially the media.
harry styles and kendall jenner vacation
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
Differ sources are telling that Kendall and harry are not dating because the timing is very bad but they both still like each other very much and have very good chemistry when it comes to being together. It is also being suggested that since both of them are too busy in their working schedules as Kendall is always modeling and harry is always on tour for his albums so they are unlikely to have a future together and they are not able to commit to each other for now but since they are very close, their intimacy is highly absolute.

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Five Reasons Why Superman Vs Batman Dawn Rise Will Not Be a Hit

superman vs batman review
Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice has hit the big screens in cinemas all over the world this week and all the fans are going to watch the movie. Everyone is wondering how the Dark Knight will be able to have a chance against Man of Steel.  As much as there are chances of this movie to be a super hit, there is also a major likelihood that this movie might not be able to impress everyone according to their hopes. Five reasons why Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be a hit are:

1. False starting

There was a series of false openings, rejected scripts and cancelled projects once the directors and the producers decided to film this movie. It is theoretical to melodramatically extend the complete DC authorization by setting up forthcoming films in the 11-film seven-year cycle. This is going to cast a huge pressure on the sequel, the cast of the film, storyline and the producer as well.

2. Scoring with characters

Snyder is trying to score big with the characters of this movie but it may not be possible for him to do. This is mainly because not only is this the first stage where  Batman and Superman have performed with each other in a conscious action film, the movie is also supposed to be offering the live action introductions of various other super hero characters.  These characters include that of Wonder Woman that abscond Israeli artist Gal Gadot, Aquaman who is being performed by Hawaiian born Jason Momoa, character of The Flash played by New Jersey’s Ezra Miller and that of Cyborg performed by Ray Fisher who belongs to New Jersey as well.
superman vs batman trailer

3. Reinvention of Batman

The film offers its viewers a similar Superman i.e. Henry Cavill who is reprising his character from the movie Man of Steel. But a sort of reinvention will be seen in the character of Batman as Ben Affleck is returning in spite of his worthless involvement on Daredevil released in the year 2003. Snyder has confirmed as well that the new movie will be motivated by Christopher Nolan’s standard Dark Knight Trilogy, with Christian Bale acting as a temperamental, strenuous Batman who works in his own way.

4. Difference of characters

Audience is wondering if Batman will be able to stand a chance against Superman in their new film. This is because Superman has prodigious power, formidable hearing and X-ray visualization. He also has the capability to fly and gross a good beating without grievance or discomfort. On the other hand, Batman has a huge sum of money and inspiring appliances, but beneath his getup he is just a common guy.

5. Not hiring Christian Bale

According to the latest reports, the director of this movie wanted to hire Christian Bale but not for the character of Batman but for some other part. Though he could not do it but the presence of Christen Bale would have made the movie even marvelous.

Is Charlie And The Chocolate Sequel Back?

Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a musical fantasy film which basically is a spin off to the Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory released in 1971.  The cast of the movie involved Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Freddie Highmore in the character of Charlie Bucket. The storyline of this movie revolves around the character of Charlie who along with Wonka takes on a tour that he had just won in the most wonderful chocolate factory of the world. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory grossed more than 56,178,450 dollars of amount in its inaugural weekend thus became the fifth premier opening weekend film for the year 2005. This movie remained at the number one for two about weeks after its release which is a very huge success for a movie like this. This film in due course grossed above 206,459,076 dollars in overall United States and 268,509,687 dollars in various overseas countries. After months of its release, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came to a universal aggregate of 474,968,763 dollars.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2016
Remembering the success this movie achieved in 2005, the directors and producers hare sort of thinking about making its sequel and release it for the fans soon. The name of its sequel is suggested as Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. This movie is reported to have the previous story continued and will again feature the young Charlie and Willy Wonka as they will savor their adventures in the great glass elevator. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator are based on the comic books of children which were initially issued in the United States by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. in the year 1972 and by George Allen & Unwin in the United Kingdom in year 1973.
Is Charlie And The Chocolate Sequel Back?
Contrasting to its forerunner, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator was never adapted in the form of a movie. According to some reports, the sequel of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is under filming while a lot of people are saying that Dahl was very disappointed with the first part of his book. This is why he has no faith in making next film and wasting a good storyline by spoiling it for the audience. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have also proclaimed that they have no intent of creating a follow-up to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, even though fundamentals from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator were present at the end of its predecessor.  Though Charlie and the Chocolate Factory managed to have its impact on children and other spectators, and was also included among the top ranked films of the year, a lot of people are not excited about the second sequel as they should be. The writer of the story, the director, the producer and even the casts has now confirmed that they are not interested in filming the next part. But even then, the final news of this movie are yet to come after which it will become more clear if people will get to see the adventures of Charlie one more time.

Sally Field Is Not Happy With Her Character in Spiderman

Sally Field Spiderman roll
As much as superhero fans love the main character of any movie, they also admire and upkeep the other supportive cast as well. The case with Aunt May from The Amazing Spiderman is the same. People do not really care who will be the next Spiderman or what studio will be responsible for filming the next adaptation of the mighty Marvel Hero, but Aunt May will be the best supportive side character for them always. According to the fans of Spiderman, she is the voice of empathy and is the main motive that is always there to aid disturbed teenage hero Peter Parker to figure out the correct move in a hard situation. Apparently, no one told Sally Field as to how amazing her role in the movie was because when she opened up to talk about her part in the film to Howard Stern, she sort of threw away her character as well as the failed sequel under the bus.
Sally Field in Spiderman
Sally Field as many people know has played the part of Aunty May (Peter Parker’s aunt) in two sequels of The Amazing Spiderman. She knew that her role was almost thankless every time out and did not care to say it out loud to the audience. Recently, on The Howard Stern Show, Sally Field self-confessed to the people that that she only worked in the gigantic authorization as a courtesy to her producing companion Laura Ziskin, who got deceased in 2011.  She furthermore stated that she was unsatisfied by the one-dimensionality of the series as well as her role in the sequels given to her.

According to Sally Field, the roles offered to her in the movie were not of her type and that she only had to perform in the film as a favor to her friend Laura. It is therefore very reasonable to state that Spiderman movies and all of their sequels never really investigated into the deepening character of Aunt May.  She was basically included in the film to prop up the character of Spider man with flawlessly programmed sympathetic dialogues. It was prominent to Sally Field that not a great pact of assumptions has gone into playing her. She told everyone that it is actually very tough to find a three dimensional appeal in it, and a person can only work as much as it is possible for him/her, but it is very hard to put ten pounds of work into a five pounds of bag.
Sally Field Spiderman

The words of Sally Field may comprehend a little cruel, but she has given a lot of valid points for her statement. For the next consignment of Spiderman movies, ensuring that Aunt May discern that her nephew is Spiderman could definitely lead to some real charm growth and would make the relationship of the hero and his aunty even more thought-provoking and different. People are eager to see how how Marisa Tomei tabs in the character when the newest Spiderman reboot makes its filmmaking unveiling next year.

Will Walking Dead Be A Hit Of The Year?

walking dead 2016
To all the fans and lovers of one of the most thrilling and awaited TV series “The Walking Dead”, season 6 also came with a bang. Premiered on October 2015, AMC aired the first episode of the season ‘First Time Again’ and people went all crazy for it. The season mainly consists of sixteen worth watching episodes divided into two eight-episode halves.  The second half started off in February with 9th Episode “No Way Out” aired on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February 2016.
alexendria wall
The Walking Dead has always been expected to come up as a mega hit. It never disappoints most of the time. But comparing the ratings coming up for season 6 and those of the season 5, it can easily be highly anticipated that this year’s walking dead will be exceptionally hit the viewers’ fandom and be a super hit. Frank Darabont, the producer of the show is found to be highly keen and devoted to make best of the episodes in every respect. It might be for the reasons that season 5 had kind of disappointed the viewers and eventually the cast and crew of the show for relatively low ratings. The first half of season 5 gained 7.5% rating among almost 14.6 million overall. Second half made things even worse and its rating averaged to 7.3.
rick and morgan
Season 6 which includes Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs and many others with its entire crew has done their jobs to their level best. The art of bringing new characters to the new seasons is perfectly known to Kirkman. Walking Dead’s fans would definitely agree with this fact. Season 6 has focused on war between Rick and Morgan. Other than this, Alexandria, which is a part of walking dead since the very beginning, would be explored in season 6 as 650 dead walkers would walk beyond the wall of Alexandria.

It won’t be wrong to say that viewers can’t resist seeing the damage done by the walking deads and appreciate it. Let’s see how it hits the big screen to technical rating scales.


What Took Hillary Clinton To Broad City?

Hillary Clinton To Broad City
Hillary Clinton, who is currently campaigning for her president elections, has given a guest appearance on Broad City. She has done so in order to make it impossible for Bernie Sanders to catch up with her promotions. To make her victory eminent this election, Hillary Clinton had to do something about the voters who are young and are casting their rights for the first time. Everyone thought that Hillary Clinton would be too busy with her everyday schedule and must have no time to concentrate on anything else but her campaigns but in the 16 March episode of this comedy series, Clinton once again demonstrated that she has a very good sense of comedy as she united the show's main performers Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer for a tiny appearance in the show that is regarding two pot-smoking best friends living in the city of New York.
Hillary Clinton at Broad City
 The event in series starring Hillary Clinton trails Ilana Wexler (played by Glazer), whose work is to make requests for the Clinton crusade, till she comprehends that the position is only voluntary and unpaid one and is obligatory to give it all up. But afore taking off she gives her best friend Abbi Abrams (played by Jacobson) a trip of the workplace and her reception desk. And this is the place where Hillary Clinton shows up. The girls drive crazy and start making a stream of yells before talking a series of ridiculous nonsense to the Representative forerunner. Ilana among both of the characters was shown to be more in better control of her intelligence and promises the past secretary of state that even though she is no longer associated with the campaign she will surely be supporting her in her promotions and will tweet everyone to vote for her.


Rob Kardashian Celebrated His 29th Birthday

Robert Kardashian is a renowned TV star and an American businessman. He is very well known for being aired on keeping up with the Kardashians which a reality based TV show that is focused on everyday routine of his family.  He has also been featured in the thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars where he got runner-up position in the finale.  Robert Kardashian has just celebrated his 29th birthday and his birthday party pictures are taking the internet by storm.
Rob Kardashian Celebrated His Birthday
This year was very wonderful for this youngest member of the Kardashian family and everyone is hoping that thing will keep getting more and better for him with every passing day. This year, Robert Kardashian not only got a new girlfriend but also came out from his hidings and lost weight to make he look even younger and smart. Robert Kardashian celebrated his 29th birthday on 17th March as an entirely changed man i.e. slimmer, in a healthy relationship with Blac Chyna and gradually easing back into the senses of his audience. When Lamar Odom who was like a brother to Rob, unintentionally overdosed in October, Robert sensed it was a wakeup call to him and that he should be more sensitive towards his health conditions. Awkwardly, that didn’t work as well to change his mind and arrogance towards things. His family became particularly concerned after he was checked into the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes last December. After this incident, Rob became more focused towards his health and within a  short period of time, he proved that he can be a keen person and can work on himself more to be a better human being in the eyes of his family as well as the people who love him and like to watch him.


5 Hottest Hollywood Couples That Got Divorced

It has never been surprising to know any marriage or relationship in the world of Hollywood coming to a sudden end. It upsets the fans though. It is always exciting to see the hot and happening celebrities going into a relationship stronger as marriage. But in Hollywood, it doesn’t always work. Here are 5 hottest couples who got separated after spending some good years of their lives with each other.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

1. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise 

Getting happily married in 2006, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise made a superhot couple of Hollywood. But in 2012, Holmes, quite shockingly filed a divorce from Cruise and the made-for-each other kind of couple ended up with nothing else but separation.
Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds divorce

2. . Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds

The bold and the beautiful, Scarlett Johnson had tied knots with our very renowned Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds in 2008. It was known to be one of the hottest couples of Hollywood for Scarlett be a heart throbbing beauty and Ryan be way too handsome. The two got divorced in 2011 and are found explaining the reasons for their divorce most of the time.
Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt

3. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt

The ever smart and dashing Brad Pitt married to the evergreen TV show ‘friends’ star Jennifer Anniston in 2000. It was an amazing couple on the big screen and they seemed to be really excited for their relation. But they got separate in 2005 giving no major reason for the divorce.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce

4. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

JLO who keeps rocking on the floor failed to make it with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, an equally popular name of the industry. They got married in 2004 and continued their lives with birth of twins in later years. 2011 came up with Marc Anthony filing divorce from JLO and the couple quietly separated.
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy divorce

5. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

The legendary actor Jim Carrey, after his two marriages tied knots with actress and model Jenny McCarthy in 2005. At that time they never knew that their relationship is going to end up in 2010. But they always say that they are still good friends.

How Did Selena Gomez Become the Most Followed Person on Instagram?

Selena Gomez has about 70 million followers on Instagram and this makes her the most followed celebrity on Instagram. She is the new queen of this social media platform with a following that sits at 69.7 million people.
Selena Gomez Instagram Picture
Her popularity on Instagram neither means that she is the most famous person on the planet nor that she is the most famous person on Instagram. There are others who hold these titles like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. She is popularly known to be the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, and the girl who was on Disney shows about witches.

Selena is further renowned as a pop star singer whose songs are ever playing in the spin class. She looks good in interviews and has remained in the limelight for about 10 years. She correspondingly has an established career but none of these reasons shed light on her status as the most followed person on Instagram.

How then did she become the most followed person on Instagram?

There are a few reasons that could have propelled Gomez to the top of this social media platform. What’s known is that she does not post every little thing on Instagram. She has about 1,000 photos in her account which compares poorly with other top celebrities. Her photos are only one-fourth of those that the seventh most followed person on Instagram has. They are also just half the number of those for the person who ranks fourth.
selena gomez instagram
Instagram seems to appreciate celebrities who do not post that often. For instance, Swift only has 857 posts which incline to the fact that the followers appreciate each of a posts since it is like an event. Most of the followers are put off by celebrities who post everything and particularly many photos about the same thing. Once you peruse through, you realise that you are actually just seeing the same kind of photos in so many different posts.

The top followed celebrities, like Gomez, are able to capture moments that other celebrities who post often are not able to. The fans therefore become highly engaged. They are also very passionate about who they follow, and particularly do not want to miss out on anything about their celebrities.

You will also realise that although she does not rank equally in other social media sites, the mention of her name draws out her fans who then engage positively about her. She earns top likes in photos that she posts. In one instance in September 2015, she was second, after Leo Messi, on the number of likes on photos.
selena gomez instagram news
The favourite posts that Gomez has put up have about three million likes. There are three such posts from Gomez while another was posted by Justin Bieber but features her. Gomez mostly enjoys the loyal support of fans that have grown up with her over the years. They were with her as she started acting on “Wizards of Waverly Place” at the tender age of 15. Still, it is hard to narrow down to the exact result for her stunning rating.

Moreover, you cannot underestimate the kind of engagement that Gomez draws from her involvement across the entertainment field. She is involved in television, film and music. To add to it all, the three singles from a recent release have featured on the Billboard Hot 100 among the top 10. She has also improved her social rating through friendship with Swift and Bieber, who have had something to contribute to her relevance.
selena gomez Paris Fashion

She is the kind of person who enjoys an echo-effect from her fans. Gomez has the kind of supporters who take her photos and repost on other social media platforms like Twitter. They also advertise and promote her content. They even print her Instagram posts and display them around the eighbourhood; which has done something to increase her popularity.

Her personal relationship can also not be left out while trying to place why Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. Her on and off relationship with Bieber has further contributed to put her in the spotlight. The Bieber effect has rubbed off in her, increasing her popularity. There is also so much gossip about her relationship with Bieber. There are fans who link everything she posts with Bieber, and this must be something that does not sit well with her. Nevertheless, it is working positively for her numbers. This frisson makes her post noticed for the US Weekly or people.com task force. In short, there are some fans who follow her because of her link with Bieber. Some of them are staunch Beliebers but cannot help it.

In addition, Gomez appears in posts of celebrities such as Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt; who are not small fish either. The posts are therefore juicy enough to capture the click-hungry internet users who eventually end up being her followers.

You can more so count on Gomez to post relatable content. This is one thing that keeps her followers hooked and passionate about posts from her. She shares a kinship with fans in their early twenties who are also quite a number in the internet. She is therefore able to post information that relates to them exactly.

The appealing thing is that Gomez places herself in a position that is relatable. She neither considers herself as a big-shot in the film industry nor sees herself as a Queen Bee. There is hence a deep sense to how she expresses herself, and this makes it real.

You will realize that Selena Gomez’ posts have some sort of self-deprecation. Nonetheless, she does not overdo this. She is able to balance it just right so that her fans can appreciate what she shows to the world. She has posts of her on the red-carpet, fancy magazine shorts and other glamorous posts.

She typically has a puzzled take on her status in life. She posts just what her fans would love to post and since she is a celebrity, they become favorites on two fronts. She puts it like she is an average human-being but somehow gets to have these special treats which she shares with her fans. It is not that much of a surprise now why Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram.
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