Sonic the Hedgehog movie - First Look at Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog movie - First Look at Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Sparks Outrage and More

Sonic the Hedgehog movie
Sonic the Hedgehog movie
Hey what's going on everyone and Nick here with a Sonic the Hedgehog movie and news updates.
so for those of you Sonic fans out there you know that a live-action CGI hybrid movie focusing on Sonic the Hedgehog is in the works at Paramount's and that Tim Miller the guy behind Deadpool and the new Terminator film is actually executive producing and his company Buller Studios is handling the visual effects.

First Look at Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Earlier today GN revealed at the exclusive first look at the motion poster which reveals our look at Sonic himself and it has a lot of people divided along with this motion poster we got some vague story details which revealed that Sonic is going to be mysteriously transported to our world where he strikes a friendship with Tom wachowski played by James Marston and inds himself at odds with the evil dr. Robotnik played by Jim Carrey in terms of the design Tim Miller said that they were always going to give this version of Sonic fur.

Not unlike detective Pikachu which has a lot of people excited for it that version of the Pokemon film has all of the Pokemon with furry looks to them and I guess they're going for a similar route with Sonic making him look ultra-realistic. they said the jumping-off point was Universal stead for making that kind of a character work in live-action in terms of the way Sonic looks like his you know shoes and everything in his design they said hey're trying to update him to be classic and pay homage to the early versions of Sonic but also think about what Sonic would wear in our present-day society apparently they had a lot of discussions with Sega regarding how Sonic's eyes would look because they didn't want to go for the whole Pixar character with a giant bug eyes they wanted his eyes to be more realistic. Which unfortunately we can't really see how these eyes are going to look in the motion poster because it's all darkened around his face.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie

so we don't really know what his face is going to look like but I think it's the overall general design of Sonic that has a lot of people talking because he has musculature he shoes everything but he's not really like a smooth otter like creature which is what people are accustomed to from the video games and stuff post your thoughts in the comments below. What do you guys think of the first look at the Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Are you looking forward to the movie? I think the cast is actually pretty solid so hopefully it actually turns out quite. Well because I'm looking forward to detective Pikachu I heard nothing but good things about it. But this movie we haven't really heard anything about it I don't know if they've done any test screenings for it and obviously we don't have the trailer they just recently showed off a little teaser thing at Brazil Comic Con experience so we're probably gonna have to wait a little bit longer to see any kind of official footage from it. But like I said be sure to post your thoughts down in the comments below do you like it do you not like it. let me know and for more updates on a Sonic the Hedgehog and everything pop-culture.

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How the Stranger Things 3 Teaser Reveals More Than You Think!

How the first look at stranger things 3 reveals more than you think

Stranger Things Season 3
Stranger Things Season 3
it's been less than a year since stranger things 2 brought the terrors of the upside down to the right side up but besides a few set photos and character descriptions for the newbies joining the cast we really haven't gotten much info about stranger things 3 that is until this week when the show released a fun vintage commercial for the opening of Hawkins brand new star Court mall. The promo does a pretty great job of capturing the shopping center of the future feel that actual 80's mall commercials dug into in fact if you google 80's mall commercials and watch a few of the real ones the fake Hawkins ad could fit in perfectly with the neon color schemes and synth-heavy music of the real deal.

So besides making us crave an Orange Julius what does this super red promo tell us about the new season of stranger things. Now we know this season will take place during the summer of 1985 pro producer Shawn Levy in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter from a few months ago and in this new teaser there are a few hints that confirmed that year in the window of Walden books. for those of you who missed out on the 80s. One of the books was a prehistoric way to buy books a bookstore aka the Amazon of the 80s one of the books on display in the promo is The Hunt for Red October and later we see a poster for Bruce Springsteen's born in the USA hanging in a Sam Goody window aka the iTunes or Spotify of the 80s. Now both the book and the album were released in 84 so seeing these items in a commercial for the mall definitely tracks with the timeline. Now the in-world promo also gives us a first look at a brand new character coming to Hawkins Robin played by Maya Hawke. She is the one awkwardly slinging ice cream with Steve Harrington at scoops ahoy.

According to a deadline report a few months ago Robin is described as an alternative girl bored with her mundane day jobs she just wants a little excitement in her life and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret in Hawkins. Judging by the way scoops ahoy is highlighted in both the fake ad and an official statement from the Hawkins mayor's sent to The Hollywood Reporter we're guessing season 3 will spend a good amount of time in the fictional ice cream chain and could Robin be a potential love interest for Steve. It is possible since Nancy is with Jonathan at the end of season 2. So besides bringing back memories of our favorite old mall store is what else does this shining example of 80s capitalism from Star core industries tell us about the next season of stranger things.

With the government lab shut down at the end of the last season stranger things 3 will need a new big bad for the kids to contend with beyond Dimmick organs and mind flayers and a giant monster in the form of a corporate mall ownership could fit the bill. We could see the big bad of stranger things go from big government to big industry now the ad strongly points out how this whole endeavor is a product of stark corn industries. Also with stranger things and the duffer's so earnestly willing to pay homage to films of the past. We could be seeing a dawn of the dead style showdown with monsters at the mall this season. A lot of money was spent restoring that mall to its 80s high lifes. We doubt that it would be for just a throwaway episode and finally yet another clue about the next season is the end-tidal graphic that says coming next summer. this seems pretty clearly to be telling us not only when the mall opens but when we can expect to see season 3 in our Netflix queues summer of 2019. but what do you folks think will the teens of Hawkins be spending lots of time hunting monsters in their local mall and what other 80's mall stores do you think might pop up at Star Court let's discuss.

Read More About: Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Relationship


Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Make Their Relationship Instagram Official

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Relationship

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Relationship

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Relationship

Nicki Minaj has a new man in her life. 

Over the weekend, the rapper appeared to make her relationship with Kenneth Petty Instagram official. The "Barbie Dreams" star posted a series of photos and videos from her birthday getaway, including a shot that showed her cuddling up with him.

"Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?'s no secret…that both of us…are running out of time…," she captioned a photo of her wrapping her arms and leg around him. She also shared a separate photo of him looking off into the distance.

As if these weren't enough social media clues that a romance may be brewing, it seemed like Petty had also shared the same photo of himself getting cozy with Minaj on Instagram and made it his account's profile picture. However, Minaj later claimed the referenced account was a fake.

This wasn't the first time Minaj had posted a picture of Petty. The two sparked romance rumors last month after Minaj shared a photo of the duo hanging out.

Although, some of Minaj's social media followers have expressed concern over this relationship. Petty is a registered sex offender in the state of New York.

Source: eonline

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Hollywood Celebrities with Big Homes

When a person earns millions of dollars from their job, it is evident for them to invest their earnings in real estate. This is what most of the celebrities these days are doing. They are making the most of their money by building mansions, villas and bungalows that are filled with world famous facilities, accommodations and amenities that are not typically seen in normal houses. Some of the Hollywood celebrities with big homes include:
Aaron Spelling house
Aaron Spelling House

1. Aaron Spelling

Worth of house: 150 million dollars
Aaron is a famous TV producer and has given us many blockbusters like Dynasty, Charmed and Beverly hills 90210. With the money he has made with these projects he has bought a 56,500 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. His mansion supposedly has swimming pool, tennis courtyard, skateboarding rink, and a bowling lane.
Bill Gates house
Bill Gates House

2. Bill Gates

Worth of house: 147.5 million dollars
He has made billions of dollars from his Microsoft Corporation over the years of its inauguration. With that money Bill Gates has bought a 66,000 square foot house in Washington D.C. his house has its own library with other fancy facilities.
Oprah Winfrey house
Oprah Winfrey House

3. Oprah Winfrey

Worth of house: 85 million dollars
She has been branched with the title of Queen of Talk and was able to invest her money in a very huge and expensive mansion. Her mansion is made up of 6 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, a lake for her outlandish fish collection, and her private movie cinema.
Hugh Hefner house
Hugh Hefner House

4. Hugh Hefner

Worth of house: 54 million dollars
Hugh Hefner’s huge mansion is now known as The Playboy Mansion. His house has an enormous swimming pool, its very own unique game room, wine vault, and even different tennis courts. The mansion also has its own zoological gardens, aviary, and waterfalls where the playboy girls are often seen parting and enjoying themselves.
Billy Joel house
Billy Joel house

5. Billy Joel

Worth of house: 35 million dollars 
His house is positioned in a high-class La Gorce island and can be measured up to 303,310 square feet. This house has its own dock, boat slide, swimming pool, open-air kitchen, and courtyard.
Jerry Seinfeld house
Jerry Seinfeld House

6. Jerry Seinfeld

Worth of house: 32 million dollars
Jerry has made himself an extravagant house The Hamptons after doing nine seasons of the show that made it very big throughout the world. His house has its own baseball field since he is a huge fan of this game.
Christie Brinkley house
Christie Brinkley House

7. Christie Brinkley

Worth of house: 30 million dollars
Christie is a famous supermodel who has now bought a mansion New York. Her house reportedly has 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms along with an observation deck that may rise up to 50 feet.
Arnold Schwarzenegger house
Arnold Schwarzenegger House

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Worth of house: 23.5 million dollars
Actor turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger has now bought a 14,500 square foot mansion in California. His house is no doubt one of the most expensive houses of the region.
Will Smith house
Will Smith House

9. Will Smith

Worth of house: 20 million dollars
He was clever enough to finance in such a vast residence consisting of basketball courts, golf course, and many other indulgences.
Ozzy Osbourne house
Ozzy Osbourne House

10. Ozzy Osbourne

Worth of house: 10 million dollars
Ozzy used to have his own self-titled reality TV show that gave him a massive success. With his money, he was able to endow in such a big property in the state of California. He has a 10,953 square foot home consisting of six bedrooms and ten restrooms.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Finally Became Parents- How Sandra Bullock Helped

Most charming Jennifer Aniston and equally handsome Justin Theroux have finally decided to become parents and expand their family. It was on 23rd March that reports from different sources flooded about the couple’s decision to adopt two young girls from Midwest. It was quite interesting for the fans and friends to see the lovely couple going to be parents and ever loving “Rachel” from friends to be a mommy in real life. Their decision for adoption was in process since the beginning of the year and one name that cannot be forgotten by the couple in this regard is of Sandra Bullock, who helped her level best to encourage and guide Jen and Justin to make it happen.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin child

Jennifer Aniston who is now 46 is the ever green beauty and charming lady of Hollywood mainly for her role of Rachel in sitcom “Friends”. Jennifer was married to Brad Pitt in 2000 and after her divorce from Pitt in 2005, she came to find her ways along with Justin Theroux whom she met in 2011. Justin is also a renowned actor, director and screenwriter who came up with his phenomenal works in Inland Empire and Iron Man 2. They met in 2011 as coworkers in Wanderlust and started off their relationship. In 2012, the couple got engaged and bought a house in Los Angeles. They got married recently in 2015 making their fans surprised and excited at the same time.

In the beginning of the year 2016, we could figure out the couple keeping good terms with Sandra Bullock and increasing their friendship with her. They openly revealed their stance on growing up their family just like Sandra did by adopting little girl ‘Laila’. Jennifer and Sandra have been spotted coming close to each other and now it’s very clear that the reason that brought them closer was this process of adaptation. Since 2014, they had been talking about how to manage things in regard with the adaptation process. Jennifer must be very grateful to Sandra since she is kidaholic and wanted to have babies like crazy. The couple tried to have babies, when they were not even engaged, in 2012. They failed according to medical reports, Jennifer couldn’t make it to be a mother through natural means. That was quite disturbing for the couple. They had decided to adopt children at that point of their lives.
jennifer aniston and justin theroux 2016
The addition of new members to their family is making both of them very excited and the level of happiness is not easy to describe in words according to Jennifer. Sandra has been a great mother and is experienced in the process of adopting baby. According to her, it’s quite difficult to take things smooth and sound while adopting kids for its necessary to hide it from media and to protect the kid from the effects of the happenings. She remained a support to Jennifer and Justin throughout and she advised Jennifer to keep this adoption hidden from media as much as possible. Jennifer could manage it easily since the couple already hid their marriage previously, it was nothing difficult for them.

How qualified is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s name needs no introduction. He is a 22 year American singer, song writer and musician who are currently residing in Ontario, Canada. He started his career off with his YouTube account that used to work as a broadcasting channel for his talent. He had extraordinary singing talent as a child and did not hesitate to show his mother his ever growing interest in music. He used to teach himself different instruments and soon made a huge fan following on YouTube. Later, he caught attention of Scooter Braun who is his current manager. His first album One Time was a major hit and was certified platinum in both Canada and America. All this success and fame got to Justin Bieber and as much as he was gaining the attention and reputation, he somehow got distracted from his education. He attended Avon Public School, Bedford Public School, and Downie Central Public School, but ended up dropping out from all of them.
justin bieber 2016

Even though Justin Bieber has the entire world and its fame in his feet but it seems like his mother is very important for him and that he is ready to do all for her sake. When Justin Bieber got dropped out of different schools, his mother decided to motivate him towards completing his education. After which, in 2012, Justin Bieber managed to finish his high school with good grades. Justine Bieber was one of the 192 graduates who were present at the St Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford, which apprehended its graduation ceremony. According to different reports, though Justin avoided the initial events. A superintendent for the local school board named Dan Parr said that Justin Bieber kept all aspects of his education very quiet and hidden from media. After he left Stratford at the age of 13, he started studying online in order to complete his diploma. The administration of his school said that they are very proud of Justin Bieber and are very happy that he chose them to complete his high school. The headmaster of the high school Justin studied in added that Bieber contributed in an e-learning platform and chanced all the requests needed to graduate which consist of 30 credits, 40 hours of municipal provision and passing a literacy examination.
justin bieber 2016 pics
Justin Bieber has revealed that he did all of this for the sake of his mother but otherwise it was becoming very difficult for him to handle work and school at the same time. Bieber has now experienced enormous sums of accomplishment at the tender age of 22 that if he wanted to give up work now he would have sufficient to last him an era. But at the demand of single mother Pattie Mallette, Justin made certain he had a reserved strategy by finishing the imperative education path. Glamour word has no doubt given him a very different prospective on life but he is trying hard to travel the world, keep up with his singing and get proper education as well.

Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review

Miracles from Heaven is an American Christian drama film released in 2016.  This movie has been written by Randy Brown and is directed by Patricia Riggen. This movie is based on true events and is inspired by the memoir of Christy Beam and focuses on the story of her young daughter who almost had a near death experience and was later treated from an eternal disease. The stars who have worked in the movie include Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, Eugenio Derbez, and Queen Latifah. The standard photography of Miracles from Heaven began in Georgia, Atlanta and after the entire filming was done, the movie was released for the audience in March 2016.
Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review
Miracles from Heaven - Movie Review

As she did in her movie The 33, executive Patricia Riggen has presented Miracles from Heaven's cast and characters by creating one leading attribute that will describe them during the entire course of the movie. Also, like her other films,  she has filmed the movie characters beforehand at a radiant courtyard grill and has forced in for calm details of wholesome visions like ribs being greased and kids playing on swings to create a family in the setting of its community. This entirely energetic gathering was commanded by the friendly, funny, and wise Pastor Scott (John Carroll Lynch).
miracles from heaven trailer
Miracles from Heaven
Miracles from Heaven perceives the amenable Anna from a bit of remoteness, concentrating mostly on Christy's retorts to the pains of her daughter. The film observes sick Anna from a bit of a distance, focusing mainly on Christy's reactions to her daughter's torment. There are many scenes in the film that shows utter responsive influence of imagining a child in such threat. There are also many inundating sections with honest sentiments, like the one where Anna drops her typical open-mouthed faced and expresses to her mother that she just wants be through with the agony and decease. For the most part of Miracles from Heaven, circumstances and individuals are sketched out too informally to create an emotional touch. According to different critiques, this is a precisely human emotion film that is almost all about God's significance, God's selections and God's judgment. Others said that this movie has stretched about approximately two hours and is only there to tell a story that could have been sufficiently laid out in a 30-second TV advertisement.
miracles from heaven release date
Miracles from Heaven have established diverse assessments and reviews from criticizers. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, this film has a score of 52 percent, grounded on about 58 reviews, giving audience a mediocre rating of 5.3 out of 10. The consensus of the site declaims that Miracles from Heaven makes the most out of exceptional acting from Jennifer Garner, but it is not fairly abundant to keep this trust based play from speaking to the choir. On Meta-critic website the movie has a mark of 44 out of 100, built on 20 critics, demonstrating that there are diversified or normal reviews. On Cinema-score, viewers have given this film an ordinary rating of A+ on an A+ to F scale.
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