Aristarchus Venes Play in A Hollywood Project

A ristarh Venes ambitious play popular music group soloist Pavel Chernov. On trials the young actor made ​​a vivid impression on the crew and Hollywood director Andrzej Bartkowiak, who made ​​films "Twins," "Devil's Advocate", "Romeo Must Die», «DOOM».
Aristarchus Venes

Aristarchus Venes

As a partner of Venecia picture confirmed the young actress and singer Polina Butorina. This is not the first experience of filming a movie in Pauline, before that, she starred in the film "Black Rose" and "Rumble in Manila."

In the film, the frontman of the popular band eccentric granddaughter met with Secretary of State of the United States and with it become the victim of a daring kidnapping, organized by a group of international terrorists. The script was written by the author of the trilogy "Rush Hour" Ross Lamanna, starring involved more than twenty Russian and foreign stars.
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