Dwayne Johnson: "My Plan of Salvation from The Elements: Run with All Haste"

Duane, tell us how you are preparing for a role in "San Andreas Fault"? Many have learned the new?

- We, together with director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn began work on this film two years ago. Picture expensive, so it was necessary to prepare well for the shooting, all carefully planned. At the same time, we met with the world's leading scientists, experts on earthquakes, which helped us in our work on the screenplay, thought through with us the most complex and the key moments of the disaster, correct factual errors. From them I received a lot of information about themselves as the earthquakes, and the methods of their predictions about the devastating effects of the tsunami. And the other is my preparation for the role was to communicate with the pilots search and rescue service, familiarity with the intricacies of their profession, which is essential in all parts of the globe. Listen first hand the real stories about how they help people - it is something incredible. They're special and unique personality. That is why on earth are so few people who can do it. So I really can say that I learned a lot for myself while preparing to shoot this film.

When the ill-fated San Andreas Fault reiterates itself, causing a nine-point earthquake in California, a pilot search and rescue helicopter Ray (Dwayne Johnson) and his almost ex-wife Emma (Carla Gugino), together trying to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). But the perilous journey to the north - just the beginning, and the real danger awaits them if they think the worst is over...

- Shooting a scene was the most difficult or terrible?

- Part of the work on the film took place in Australia. There was built the largest water reservoir in the world. Hundreds of thousands of liters! And many scenes filmed under water, as the city was flooded after the tsunami. And when you spend under water for 14-15 hours a day, it is, admittedly, frightening. These days seemed unbearably long. Even in the pavilion, created for the filming, the idea that Mother Nature can create such a scolding panic.

- After this movie, you now know how to survive in a disaster?

- Perhaps, yes. I told my family about what I learn something tricks on how to behave in case of disaster. But I live in Los Angeles and Florida. And on both coasts, we are faced with earthquakes and hurricanes. So, of course, we already have a plan of salvation from the elements. And this plan - to run his legs! (Laughs.)

- Are not you afraid that this could happen really?

- No, I went up to this practical. When you make a film about the strongest earthquake in the world, open your eyes, there is a clear understanding that this is all very real and can happen in life. This is our land, our nature, of our lives, and we can not resist it. We just need to hope that will survive. So I am not afraid. I accept that this can happen at any time.
Stills from San Andreas Fault

Stills from San Andreas Fault

- And you've ever experienced something like that?

- Yes, my life was a real disaster. I was living in Miami when Hurricane Andrew happened (Atlantic tropical hurricane category five, reached the shores of the United States in August 1992. - Ed.). It destroyed much of the city, killing many people. It was a real nightmare! My family and I hid in the bathroom. It was very scary, we thought we perish. And it can be any readiness to accept this, but in fact we can only hope that everything will be. Fortunately, we survived. It united us even more. So the idea of convergence, as shown in the film "San Andreas Fault" is very true, and is understood by many.

- This is your third collaboration with Carla Gugino After the movie "Race to Witch Mountain" and "Faster." You are probably quite easy to work with her?

- Yes, this is our third film. I love Karl, I like it to appear. I think the film has benefited from the fact that this role take it up. She played the role of my almost ex-wife. Our characters have a story, there is a common child. They love each other, even though the divorce. And we Carla offscreen also has its own story. We have long known each other, keep in touch. Karl amazing. She's a great actress, a beautiful woman and a good-hearted person.
My plan of salvation from the elements Run with all haste

"My plan of salvation from the elements: Run with all haste"

- Your daughter has already seen the film "San Andreas Fault"? Not scared?

- No, she is not seen him. She really afraid to watch it. Usually my movies she waits impatiently. "Cobra," "Hercules" and others took it very well, I was delighted. But this film is too close to reality. This is not fiction, it is based on scientific facts. In addition, he tells of a father who rescues his daughter. Of course, she is going through. But she's still going to watch it, because he knows that this is a good movie. (Laughs.)
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