Melissa McCarthy - Let My Daughters Know That Heroes are Not Only Men

- Melissa, how did you get into this project?

- My husband Ben (Ben Felkoun - actor, director and screenwriter. - Ed.) once had dinner with the director Paul figom. And when he first told me about the "spy". He said that this is a film about a woman who has all the data to be a good spy, but there is no confidence. The more he talked, the more questions I had. I wanted to know all about Susan Cooper! In general, I was hooked. And at the end of our dinner I asked Paul if he could give me to read the script for the evening. The next day I called Paul and said, "I do not know what you thought about this film, but I beg you, give me a chance." I do not even know what the actress did not want to get this role. (Laughs.)
Melissa McCarthy
Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) - a humble CIA analyst and inconspicuous character, ready to fulfill the most dangerous missions of the agency. When her partner (Jude Law) dropped out of the holder and the other agent (Jason Statham) failed the task, she willingly goes in operation under the deep cover to infiltrate a dangerous arms dealer environment and prevent global catastrophe.

- What was it like to reunite with Paul figom with whom you have worked on the films "The Heat" and "Bridesmaids"?
- It was wonderful, I love working with Paul. I love the way he organizes the filming process and how to work his brain. He is amazingly clever and hilarious.

- What can you say about a spy who played Jason Statham and Jude Law in the film?
- Of course, they are beautiful. Such steep, spectacular, charming. But, frankly, they're just silly handsome. And I love it! (Laughs.)

- You could imagine that Jason Statham could be so funny?

- I knew he was funny, since I saw him in the movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998). And on this film, we laughed a lot, literally folded in half with laughter.

Jason Statham and Jude Law to help the heroine of Melissa McCarthy to save the world. Shot from the movie "Spy."

- In the film, a lot of action. Did you have to train?
- I worked with a wonderful woman, Diana Lee Inosanto stunt, which specializes in fighting with swords and martial arts. She is the goddaughter of Bruce Lee. I liked her train, put tricks. But while jogging my character on his heels on the wet, cobbled streets of Budapest, I kept wondering: "Why not wear shoes?" (Laughs.)

- It was hard to shoot a fight scene in the kitchen, where you throw the pots, pans and vegetables into a killer, played by Nargis Fakhri?
- It was a lot of fun. But also very difficult. It was our first day of shooting. And when I beat Nargis hand pan, I felt terrible. I thought I had broken her arm. (Laughs.)

- The film was very funny, but at the same time, he encouraged women to something more ...
- Yes, when I read the script, I had the feeling that if Susan could save the world, I can and I do. And when my daughter will grow up and watch this movie, let them see that even Susan can save the world that the characters are not only men.
Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

- The film touched upon female friendship ...

- Yes, in the film we are trying to say that even if you are an outsider, you can still be good friends. I think the real power that women possess - is the ability to communicate and open up to each other. Men, of course, also is characteristic, but not to the extent as women. I was lucky, I often work with women who, it just so happens, I love with all my heart. Almost all of us, who starred in "Bridesmaids" old friends. It was the same with Sandy (Sandra Bullock) on the set of "The Heat". And I think it shows on the screen.

- What was your reaction when you received the nomination for "Oscar" for her role in "Bridesmaids"?
- I was in shock when it happened. I could not believe what ever possible. My five year old daughter now then there was a tiny baby, and I was busy with her ​​at the moment when declared nominees. Then they called the Octavia Spencer for her role in the movie "The Help." We had been friends for a million years, and so I began to cry with joy on hearing her name. And I miss as declared me. Ben said: "You have just been nominated for" Oscar ", you hear?" I shouted, "What ?!" I thought it unrealistic. It was an amazing thing.

- What can you laugh?

- My husband makes me laugh several times a day. My children are also very funny. Both parents and friends. We must admit, we do not very serious family. (Laughs.) I think life is too short to be serious all the time. So why not laugh? Sometimes, of course, bad, and hard, but in the rest of the time you should try to have fun.

- Do you think that laughter heals?

- And how! Sometimes we Ben like crazy and say to ourselves: We have just added a pair of months of our lives. And when I hear someone comes to laughter, the soul becomes very good.

- What is your favorite comedian other now?

- There are so many ... Stand-up comedian Louis C.k. driving me crazy with laughter. Somehow, being pregnant, I watched his show. And I had to turn off the TV, I was laughing so hard she was afraid to hurt the child. I thought my baby does not have enough air. Yes, when you're pregnant, especially the first time, it becomes very hypochondriac. (Laughs.)

- You can say that happy with their life and career at the moment?
- Yeah, everything's just fine! My husband and I are currently working on the comedy "Michael Darnell," of which he is director. At the time I met him on the set of the comedy. And since then we worked great together. All day long we are together, it is very unites our family. The fact that we both have the ability to do what we love - it's just beyond our dreams.
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