The Latest News on Bollywood Indian Factory

The most important and significant news, which occurred last week, we can assume that the announced date of the 13th IIFA Awards Prize in the field of cinema. This event will take place from 7 to 9 June and the venue chosen Singapore. Dream Russian lovers of Indian cinema that time comes, and awards that rank ever to be held in Russia, it remains just a dream. Do not even understand Russian exotic Bollywood stars, and prefer to fly to Malaysia and Singapore, as if there were smeared them with honey.

The Latest News on Bollywood Indian Factory

But the best honey he just carried the Russian bees, that would anoint us good honey somewhere in Petersburg or Moscow? But judging by the Festival Open India, which ended recently, we still have a lot of work for it to be hosting an event of this kind.

Success News

If you look at the signed contracts during the week, it is clear that to get rid of the controversial porn star Sunny Leone has not given the opportunity, she signed a contract to participate in a second project Ekty Kapoor. A rumored Sunny Leone may appear in the remake of the picture Zanjeer with Priyanka and Ram Charan. Combining Katrina Kaif and Zoya Akhtar (project 'Sheila Ki Jawaani'), Kareena Kapoor agreed to Arundhati role in the remake of the Hindi eponymous paintings of southern filmmakers.

What has not been done seven years ago, Bipasha Basu, just two months did Priya Ranchan, it led to the altar John Abraham. He confirmed that he decided to marry her this year, and parents of young have already given their blessing.

According to the Hindustan Times newspaper highest paid Bollywood actress of 2012 will be Priyanka Chopra, who for his part in the remake of Zanjeer should get a very large fee exceeding the earnings of the protagonist of this work - Ram Charan tejah. Priyanka itself anywhere in the official sources of this has not mentioned, and exact figures are not named. A struggle for "a place under the sun," which became the member Kareena Kapoor (she has 16 brands and advertising "Heroine"), Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan, is rapidly gaining popularity.

Unsuccessful News

The actor Tusshara Kapoor injury, he injured his leg while filming a picture Shootout At Wadala. This is not his first trouble he had previously also injured during the shooting of the picture Shootout At Lokhandwala. The director to David Dhavanu unlucky even worse, he received a compound fracture of the shoulder, when he visited one of the acting school. When you exit the auditorium where he spoke with the students, he slipped and fell on the stairs. At first he did not pay much attention to this case and decided that escaped with minor injury and refused hospitalization, but closer to the night he got sick, and after examination of experts, the director had surgery.

Shahid Kapoor was one of the girls refused the invitation to dance with him. It is hard to imagine that if Shahid Kapoor walked to his fans, and she would answer his invitation to "No" probably just thought Shahid and when a stranger approached and asked her to dance with him. But to the great surprise, she refused him. It turned out it was a foreigner who did not know that this is a popular actor, and considered it too "small" and said that the minors it is not dancing.

Recall that not so long ago, Shahid Kapoor has complained to the girl, whose name Vastaviki Pandit, daughter of the late actor Raj Kumar, he argues that the maid constantly pursues him, and when he leaves the house, blocking his way, to sit on the hood of his car and shouted that she is the most loving and devoted fan of his.

Personal Page Sonam Kapoor tweeted lost a few of her fans. They were shocked to open her statement, which she had sent Twitter a few inhabitants who doubted her skills as an actress. And I started this whole interview Anil Kapoor's father Sanam, who expressed his opinion - "the children of star parents need to work with a vengeance." What I was received comments: "Of course, since they often do not have the talent." Sonam reaction was immediate: "Yes, you go to the X ***," she said. On that note, we agreed ... Then Anil Kapoor explained that he meant by his words, what the starry children have to work harder, not because they lack talent, but because they are more responsible, and always expected from them more. Here's the news, good and bad at the Indian factory Bollywood.
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