8 Series, You May Have Missed

Scandinavian Noir mystery, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in a gay drama series about the uprising of animals and claustrophobic space: we have chosen a few TV shows that have passed under the radar of audience success .


Powerful conspiracy detective featured in the spring on USA Network. An FBI agent (Jason Isaacs, known as the treacherous Lucius Malfoy in "Harry Potter") in the investigation of the murder of a woman in Jerusalem archaeologist accidentally stumbles upon traces of the centuries-old sinister conspiracy whose roots stretch, of course, the time of Christ in Judea. Critics, of course, unanimously recalled by Dan Brown and other pop cytologists, but Teleformat all this latest cultural tradition, fortunately, almost devoid of hysteria and comic manner to pull the owl on the globe.

Secrets Silverheyda

In his native town under the Swedish Nazveniem Silverheyd literally lost in the dense forest, to the funeral of his father committed suicide comes indifferent dazzling blonde police officer. Seven years ago, in the wilds of the forest he disappeared without a trace of her little daughter, and now the mysterious abduction of children resumed. Flawless Scandinavian product alloy firm Nordic noir and esoteric horror.

Dark Matter

Six characters of different sexes who are not familiar with each other, come to life on a spaceship. They do not remember who they are and where to actually fly. In addition, almost immediately becomes aware that a star-ship someone (or something) has included deadly cybernetic system which seeks to kill everyone. Not too deep, but mostly really exciting example of a straight sci-fi.


The first in the history of German TV series, which was shown on American television, and even with subtitles (though not on the mainstream channel, and Sundance TV, a subsidiary of the respective indie festival). In the story, this retro-drama, spy East German intelligence "Stasi" in the early 1980s under the guise throw into the army of Germany, where he gradually begins to reassess values ​​and bourgeois decay. Kinda exciting long version Oscar-winning picture "The Lives of Others."


The debut season of the main candidate for the summer hits SBS, in fact, not that irrevocably missed, but the ratings were slightly lower than expected. The thriller about a large-scale revolt against the long domination of animals rise like lions and other carnivores in zoos and pets. Denial of anthropocentric in the series rife, despite protests schizophrenia who wrote a petition to close the TV show because filming these animals, rather than CGI models. In all of this on the initial series and really did not come off.


The premiere of this series on HBO industrial leaders was held immediately after the Christmas holidays, but the "Unity" received undeservedly little attention. Meanwhile, it is an excellent example of the most blatant and touches the heart family moved from Texas to California, taking with him his wife's sister and a friend of her husband, actor-loser. All the joys and terrors of life sharing filed as able, say, the series of the same genre of "Shameless".

The Messenger

Mystical thriller about proclaimed mainly seasonal trump channel CBS. At the epicenter of the explosion mysterious space object that crashed in the New Mexico desert, are a few strangers who die from the first pulse of energy - but then raised, and they will know that they are showing fantastic skills, and now they are responsible for the prevention of the coming apocalypse.

Grace and Frankie

Another plank, take a couple of months ago online platform Netflix, but inevitably pushed aside by other serials: grand political fiction manifesto Wachowski brothers and sisters "Eighth feeling" and the third season of the women's prison drama "Orange - the new black." Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play a much older beautiful women who learn that their husbands (Sam Waterson and Martin Sheen), a quarter of a century are to a secret love affair, and now that New York has legalized same-sex marriage (TV filmed the historic verdict US Supreme Court), intend to get out of the cabinet and to legalize the relationship. Sparkling comedy taps into the spaces of apocalyptic statements and even downright ancient scale of the tragedy.
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