It's No Surprise--Fifty Shades Dominates at Razzies

It's No Surprise--Fifty Shades Dominates at Razzies
If you are really into suffering and submission, going to the movie based on the Twilight fan-fiction based novel Fifty Shades of Grey was just the ticket to 125 minutes of a cringe-worthy cinema. This well-hyped bondage based entertainment is derived from a story only a vampire loving teenager would adore, and serves better as a comedy, as numerous parodies clearly demonstrate. The only saving grace is that the Fifty Shades has dominated the annual Razzie awards (aka Golden Raspberry) which is a spoof on the Oscars and gives out awards for the worst of the worst films and performances of the year. Instead of serious tribute spots by the Hollywood's elite, it features parodies and lampoons of celebrities and their work, including an impersonation of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who won a Razzie in 1990 for playing himself in Ghosts Can't Do It.

Fifty Shades swept the Razzie Awards for worst screenplay due to it's inclusion of snappy dialogue like “Don’t you like the butt drawer?” and other such romantic banter. To be fair the screenplay, however, does save the viewer some punishment as the film ends with the elevator doors closing which mercifully spares the moviegoer the punishment of seeing Ana go home and cry like she does in the novel.
It's No Surprise--Fifty Shades Dominates at Razzies

Lack of Chemistry and lack of acting altogether gave the lead actors, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, two Razzies for worst actor/actress and worst onscreen combo. As Jamie Dornan's role in the film consisted of looking sad and tortured because he likes to hurt women and Dakota Johnson biting her lower lip and looking confused, these nominations and wins were well deserved.
Other Razzie winners included Fantastic Four for worst remake and did tie with Fifty Shades for worst film.

A surprise winner was British Actor Eddie Redmayne for worst supporting actor in Jupiter Ascending. He won an Oscar the year before as best actor and is up again for best actor for an Oscar this year, but if he doesn't win the Oscar this time, he can be consoled that he already garnered a Razzie trophy for his mantle, although he did not appear in person to pick it up. The Razzies are held in Los Angeles the night before the Oscars each year.

Some actors who have the dubious honor of continuous nominations, like Adam Sandler and Kevin James, turned out awful but not quite Razzie-worthy performance for 2016, but there's always next year.

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