Captain America: Civil War Sneak Peak

Captain America
When taking sides during a fight no one worries about what side the actors, directors, writers, production staff, or the craft service people are taking. Once we left our Atlanta Pinewood Studio office and headed out into the hot sun we go to see the fighting firsthand.

In front of the green screen used for movie production that is the length of one football field and located in front of Frankfurt Airport the superheroes were battling it out. Captain America played by Chris Evans, Winter Solider played by Sebastian Stan, Falcon played by Anthony Mackie , Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner, Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Ant Man played by Paul Rudd are ready to fight. This will be known as Team Cap. The team that they are going to battle includes Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr, Black Widow played by Scarlett Johanson, Vision played by Paul Bettany, War Machine played by Don Cheadle, Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman, and even an appearance by Spiderman played by Tom Holland. This is known as Team Iron Man.
This is how the Avengers will meet Marvel’s anticipated Captain America:
Civil War which is about halfway through the production stage. This film is set to open in June in Germany. Filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo were set to make this movie after they won prizes for redoing the Captain America: The Winter Soldier video game. They are working on the two part Avengers: Infinity War series. They think that Captain America Civil War will go over well with fans. They feel that this movie is going to be the Godfather of superhero movies.

The actors are all together to weather the conditions on and off the set. To find out more continue reading. Warning: Some of the information may spoil certain parts of the movie.
Civil War Story

Civil War Story 

 The Age of Ultron has seen mass distruction. This was not the first time that the metropolis area was messed up due to the Avengers. There is a similar incident to the Stamford Incident. Around 600 people get killed and the government passes the Superhuman Registration Act. This event leads up to a Civil War.

The world is looking to the Avengers to take responsibility for their actions. Until this time they have been running with little to no interference which begins to make people nervous. The government now wants to take control of these superheroes. Tensions begin to high between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Tony is in support of the Accords while Steve does not share his views. Cap only feels safe in his own hands and has developed a distrust for society.

The Godfather Saga as well as Fargo has served as influences for this move.

Over the past couple of years Mavel has been turning popular comic books into movies. This started with The Winter Soldier and then Guardians of the Galaxy. This new movie is more of a psychological thriller.

This movie is mixing genres and giving a new and fresh take on superhero movies. They even take inspiration from movies such as Carrie, Scarface, and of course the Godfather. There is even inspiration taken from western movies.
Black Widow

This movie follows real life events and adds superhero elements to real life.

This movie has an all star cast and will be a good film for all superhero fans. There are many characters that people have come to know and love. The Russo brothers are trying to include as many characters as possible in this film. They want to make it a bigger event then Winter Soldier.
 The famous top two characters in this move Evans and Downey have many of the lines and take up most of the time on screen. The rest of the characters then filter in.
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