Five Reasons Why Superman Vs Batman Dawn Rise Will Not Be a Hit

superman vs batman review
Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice has hit the big screens in cinemas all over the world this week and all the fans are going to watch the movie. Everyone is wondering how the Dark Knight will be able to have a chance against Man of Steel.  As much as there are chances of this movie to be a super hit, there is also a major likelihood that this movie might not be able to impress everyone according to their hopes. Five reasons why Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be a hit are:

1. False starting

There was a series of false openings, rejected scripts and cancelled projects once the directors and the producers decided to film this movie. It is theoretical to melodramatically extend the complete DC authorization by setting up forthcoming films in the 11-film seven-year cycle. This is going to cast a huge pressure on the sequel, the cast of the film, storyline and the producer as well.

2. Scoring with characters

Snyder is trying to score big with the characters of this movie but it may not be possible for him to do. This is mainly because not only is this the first stage where  Batman and Superman have performed with each other in a conscious action film, the movie is also supposed to be offering the live action introductions of various other super hero characters.  These characters include that of Wonder Woman that abscond Israeli artist Gal Gadot, Aquaman who is being performed by Hawaiian born Jason Momoa, character of The Flash played by New Jersey’s Ezra Miller and that of Cyborg performed by Ray Fisher who belongs to New Jersey as well.
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3. Reinvention of Batman

The film offers its viewers a similar Superman i.e. Henry Cavill who is reprising his character from the movie Man of Steel. But a sort of reinvention will be seen in the character of Batman as Ben Affleck is returning in spite of his worthless involvement on Daredevil released in the year 2003. Snyder has confirmed as well that the new movie will be motivated by Christopher Nolan’s standard Dark Knight Trilogy, with Christian Bale acting as a temperamental, strenuous Batman who works in his own way.

4. Difference of characters

Audience is wondering if Batman will be able to stand a chance against Superman in their new film. This is because Superman has prodigious power, formidable hearing and X-ray visualization. He also has the capability to fly and gross a good beating without grievance or discomfort. On the other hand, Batman has a huge sum of money and inspiring appliances, but beneath his getup he is just a common guy.

5. Not hiring Christian Bale

According to the latest reports, the director of this movie wanted to hire Christian Bale but not for the character of Batman but for some other part. Though he could not do it but the presence of Christen Bale would have made the movie even marvelous.
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