Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s Private Vacation Photos Leaked On

Kendall Jenner and harry styles

harry styles and kendall jenner vacation leaked photos
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
Kendall Jenner and harry styles privacy has been invaded big time this month after an iCloud hacker leaked their romantic and steamy vacation pictures. According to the reports, on Saturday 19th march, the couple’s private St. Bart’s vacation pictures have been released online after the iCloud account of Harry Style’s mother Anne Cox was hacked by an admirer.
harry styles and kendall jenner vacation photos leaked
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
The photos leaked online included more than two dozen images which were then posted online on different social media websites causing the unlawful leak to trend on the account of Anne’s iCloud as well. In the intimate shots released and hacked online, 22 year old Harry Styles and 20 years old Kendall Jenner are clearly visible romancing around and were always cozied up with each other on a big yacht wearing their swimsuits. Among all these pictures, a few of them also showed the star from Keeping up with the Kardashians rocking a thin black bikini while sitting on the lap of One Directions’ rock star. Some of the pictures were from their romantic dinner where this adorable pair can be seen together dinning in a fancy restaurant and enjoying each other’s company. After all the pictures were hacked Anne immediately deleted her twitter account and her Instagram profile as all the fans were going crazy and were sharing the pictures of Harry and Kendall everywhere. Many of Kendall’s and Harry’s fans are condemning this hack and are telling other fans not to look or share their images but even then so many pictures have been unrestricted and are still present online.
harry styles and kendall jenner news
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
After the release of their private vacation photos, even Harry Styles suspended his twitter account but his fan made another one with a new name i.e. leoslut and unleashed many of their intimate and private pictures online. A sugary shot of the young couple exposed Harry smiling as he relaxed on the cruiser wearing a very nice aloha shirt. Another image has Harry beaming at the camera as Kendall cloaks her arms around him in a hug, hiding her face in his hair. These leaked photos have raised many questions and people cannot help but wonder if Harry is truly in love with Kendall and if Kendall is in love with him too. A lot of people and fans are also wondering if they are trying to keep their relationship a big secret from everyone especially the media.
harry styles and kendall jenner vacation
Kendall Jenner and harry styles
Differ sources are telling that Kendall and harry are not dating because the timing is very bad but they both still like each other very much and have very good chemistry when it comes to being together. It is also being suggested that since both of them are too busy in their working schedules as Kendall is always modeling and harry is always on tour for his albums so they are unlikely to have a future together and they are not able to commit to each other for now but since they are very close, their intimacy is highly absolute.

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