Hollywood Celebrities with Big Homes

When a person earns millions of dollars from their job, it is evident for them to invest their earnings in real estate. This is what most of the celebrities these days are doing. They are making the most of their money by building mansions, villas and bungalows that are filled with world famous facilities, accommodations and amenities that are not typically seen in normal houses. Some of the Hollywood celebrities with big homes include:
Aaron Spelling house
Aaron Spelling House

1. Aaron Spelling

Worth of house: 150 million dollars
Aaron is a famous TV producer and has given us many blockbusters like Dynasty, Charmed and Beverly hills 90210. With the money he has made with these projects he has bought a 56,500 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. His mansion supposedly has swimming pool, tennis courtyard, skateboarding rink, and a bowling lane.
Bill Gates house
Bill Gates House

2. Bill Gates

Worth of house: 147.5 million dollars
He has made billions of dollars from his Microsoft Corporation over the years of its inauguration. With that money Bill Gates has bought a 66,000 square foot house in Washington D.C. his house has its own library with other fancy facilities.
Oprah Winfrey house
Oprah Winfrey House

3. Oprah Winfrey

Worth of house: 85 million dollars
She has been branched with the title of Queen of Talk and was able to invest her money in a very huge and expensive mansion. Her mansion is made up of 6 bedrooms, 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, a lake for her outlandish fish collection, and her private movie cinema.
Hugh Hefner house
Hugh Hefner House

4. Hugh Hefner

Worth of house: 54 million dollars
Hugh Hefner’s huge mansion is now known as The Playboy Mansion. His house has an enormous swimming pool, its very own unique game room, wine vault, and even different tennis courts. The mansion also has its own zoological gardens, aviary, and waterfalls where the playboy girls are often seen parting and enjoying themselves.
Billy Joel house
Billy Joel house

5. Billy Joel

Worth of house: 35 million dollars 
His house is positioned in a high-class La Gorce island and can be measured up to 303,310 square feet. This house has its own dock, boat slide, swimming pool, open-air kitchen, and courtyard.
Jerry Seinfeld house
Jerry Seinfeld House

6. Jerry Seinfeld

Worth of house: 32 million dollars
Jerry has made himself an extravagant house The Hamptons after doing nine seasons of the show that made it very big throughout the world. His house has its own baseball field since he is a huge fan of this game.
Christie Brinkley house
Christie Brinkley House

7. Christie Brinkley

Worth of house: 30 million dollars
Christie is a famous supermodel who has now bought a mansion New York. Her house reportedly has 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms along with an observation deck that may rise up to 50 feet.
Arnold Schwarzenegger house
Arnold Schwarzenegger House

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Worth of house: 23.5 million dollars
Actor turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger has now bought a 14,500 square foot mansion in California. His house is no doubt one of the most expensive houses of the region.
Will Smith house
Will Smith House

9. Will Smith

Worth of house: 20 million dollars
He was clever enough to finance in such a vast residence consisting of basketball courts, golf course, and many other indulgences.
Ozzy Osbourne house
Ozzy Osbourne House

10. Ozzy Osbourne

Worth of house: 10 million dollars
Ozzy used to have his own self-titled reality TV show that gave him a massive success. With his money, he was able to endow in such a big property in the state of California. He has a 10,953 square foot home consisting of six bedrooms and ten restrooms.
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