Hotties Getting Slimed At Kids Choice Awards

Hotties Getting Slimed
“You Cant Do That on Television”? That certainly refers to getting slimed concept of the show. But now you definitely can, being a celebrity on Kids Choice Awards. Yes, the wait is over and the night came when Kids Choice Awards finally took place at March 12, 2016. All the hottest yet coolest celebrities were spotted to be even more excited than the critics. The best and we can say the most interesting part of the awards is always found to be all the hotties getting slimed. Slime used for such purposes is usually a green colored thick substance that came from Nickelodeon. Now it refers to a feeling of celebration and celebrities do it without any hesitation being one of the true and legitimate fashion of the Nickelodeon world. Infect world’s great celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jack Black and Willl smith have also gone green in the slime.
Kids Choice Awards
Hotties Getting Slimed At Kids Choice Awards
It is quite amazing to witness all your favorite and hottest celebrities, all dressed up perfectly and getting their slime on. It actually makes the audience think that how they would be gotten rid of this slime. Looking at the pictures of celebrities from Justin Bieber to Nick Jones and from Justin Timberlake to Katy Perry, all were gone green following the slime spree. Austin Mahone, Sarah Hyland and Michael Strahan also got slimed at these stage moments.
Hotties Getting Slimed At Kids Choice Awards
Nick Jones did it with an exception, getting solo slime and restrained himself to Jennifer Lopez. That was one best moment of the show. Another big moment was Zac Afron’s getting slimed at the show as it has been a long a time he has done it. In short, the getting-slimed-spree that has been a kind of legacy on Kids Choice Awards since long ago, didn’t disappoint this year too. It’s definitely awesome to see your favorite celebrities going crazy for things their fans want to see from them.
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