How Did Selena Gomez Become the Most Followed Person on Instagram?

Selena Gomez has about 70 million followers on Instagram and this makes her the most followed celebrity on Instagram. She is the new queen of this social media platform with a following that sits at 69.7 million people.
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Her popularity on Instagram neither means that she is the most famous person on the planet nor that she is the most famous person on Instagram. There are others who hold these titles like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. She is popularly known to be the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, and the girl who was on Disney shows about witches.

Selena is further renowned as a pop star singer whose songs are ever playing in the spin class. She looks good in interviews and has remained in the limelight for about 10 years. She correspondingly has an established career but none of these reasons shed light on her status as the most followed person on Instagram.

How then did she become the most followed person on Instagram?

There are a few reasons that could have propelled Gomez to the top of this social media platform. What’s known is that she does not post every little thing on Instagram. She has about 1,000 photos in her account which compares poorly with other top celebrities. Her photos are only one-fourth of those that the seventh most followed person on Instagram has. They are also just half the number of those for the person who ranks fourth.
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Instagram seems to appreciate celebrities who do not post that often. For instance, Swift only has 857 posts which incline to the fact that the followers appreciate each of a posts since it is like an event. Most of the followers are put off by celebrities who post everything and particularly many photos about the same thing. Once you peruse through, you realise that you are actually just seeing the same kind of photos in so many different posts.

The top followed celebrities, like Gomez, are able to capture moments that other celebrities who post often are not able to. The fans therefore become highly engaged. They are also very passionate about who they follow, and particularly do not want to miss out on anything about their celebrities.

You will also realise that although she does not rank equally in other social media sites, the mention of her name draws out her fans who then engage positively about her. She earns top likes in photos that she posts. In one instance in September 2015, she was second, after Leo Messi, on the number of likes on photos.
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The favourite posts that Gomez has put up have about three million likes. There are three such posts from Gomez while another was posted by Justin Bieber but features her. Gomez mostly enjoys the loyal support of fans that have grown up with her over the years. They were with her as she started acting on “Wizards of Waverly Place” at the tender age of 15. Still, it is hard to narrow down to the exact result for her stunning rating.

Moreover, you cannot underestimate the kind of engagement that Gomez draws from her involvement across the entertainment field. She is involved in television, film and music. To add to it all, the three singles from a recent release have featured on the Billboard Hot 100 among the top 10. She has also improved her social rating through friendship with Swift and Bieber, who have had something to contribute to her relevance.
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She is the kind of person who enjoys an echo-effect from her fans. Gomez has the kind of supporters who take her photos and repost on other social media platforms like Twitter. They also advertise and promote her content. They even print her Instagram posts and display them around the eighbourhood; which has done something to increase her popularity.

Her personal relationship can also not be left out while trying to place why Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. Her on and off relationship with Bieber has further contributed to put her in the spotlight. The Bieber effect has rubbed off in her, increasing her popularity. There is also so much gossip about her relationship with Bieber. There are fans who link everything she posts with Bieber, and this must be something that does not sit well with her. Nevertheless, it is working positively for her numbers. This frisson makes her post noticed for the US Weekly or task force. In short, there are some fans who follow her because of her link with Bieber. Some of them are staunch Beliebers but cannot help it.

In addition, Gomez appears in posts of celebrities such as Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt; who are not small fish either. The posts are therefore juicy enough to capture the click-hungry internet users who eventually end up being her followers.

You can more so count on Gomez to post relatable content. This is one thing that keeps her followers hooked and passionate about posts from her. She shares a kinship with fans in their early twenties who are also quite a number in the internet. She is therefore able to post information that relates to them exactly.

The appealing thing is that Gomez places herself in a position that is relatable. She neither considers herself as a big-shot in the film industry nor sees herself as a Queen Bee. There is hence a deep sense to how she expresses herself, and this makes it real.

You will realize that Selena Gomez’ posts have some sort of self-deprecation. Nonetheless, she does not overdo this. She is able to balance it just right so that her fans can appreciate what she shows to the world. She has posts of her on the red-carpet, fancy magazine shorts and other glamorous posts.

She typically has a puzzled take on her status in life. She posts just what her fans would love to post and since she is a celebrity, they become favorites on two fronts. She puts it like she is an average human-being but somehow gets to have these special treats which she shares with her fans. It is not that much of a surprise now why Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram.
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