Hulk Hogan Tells All At Sex Tape Trial

Hulk Hogan, former professional wrestler and public personality, is suing a website one hundred million dollars over the partial publication of a sex tape made without his knowledge.

The tape shows Terry Bollea, Hogan's legal name, having an affair with an ex-friend's then wife, Heather Clem. Bollea reports that he was not aware the tape was being recorded when he had the affair with Clem.

Terry Bollea was cross-examined by Gawker's attorney, Michael Berry, about a previous interview with Howard Stern on his reaity show. Bollea holds he was acting as Hulk Hogan the character and not himself during the questioning, playing the role and making a joke out of a bad situation. Bollea continued, saying had more liberty to mess around with it as a character on the show, and that in playing that character he had more liberty to entertain and "go way out there." He also added that he only discussed these events because he was under such "heavy fire" from the authoritative host Stern.

Since the tape was posted in 2012, Terry Bollea said that his life was turned into a disaster, and he was concerned fans would think negatively of him as a person and mistakenly think it was a publicity stunt. He later discussed how the release of these tapes drastically affected his personal life in a negative way, especially when meeting with fans. Bollea recounted how it felt a cloud of guilt and shame hung over his head, more so with young children, and admitted that the feeling sometimes remains even now.

However, Berry argued that he only desired for the public to have "the simple, unvarnished truth... about pubic figures."
The trial is taking place at Pinellas County Circuit Court and a jury of Gawker's peers will decide if he violated Boella's right to privacy by publishing the sex tape without his permission.
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