Jennifer Aniston and Justin Finally Became Parents- How Sandra Bullock Helped

Most charming Jennifer Aniston and equally handsome Justin Theroux have finally decided to become parents and expand their family. It was on 23rd March that reports from different sources flooded about the couple’s decision to adopt two young girls from Midwest. It was quite interesting for the fans and friends to see the lovely couple going to be parents and ever loving “Rachel” from friends to be a mommy in real life. Their decision for adoption was in process since the beginning of the year and one name that cannot be forgotten by the couple in this regard is of Sandra Bullock, who helped her level best to encourage and guide Jen and Justin to make it happen.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin child

Jennifer Aniston who is now 46 is the ever green beauty and charming lady of Hollywood mainly for her role of Rachel in sitcom “Friends”. Jennifer was married to Brad Pitt in 2000 and after her divorce from Pitt in 2005, she came to find her ways along with Justin Theroux whom she met in 2011. Justin is also a renowned actor, director and screenwriter who came up with his phenomenal works in Inland Empire and Iron Man 2. They met in 2011 as coworkers in Wanderlust and started off their relationship. In 2012, the couple got engaged and bought a house in Los Angeles. They got married recently in 2015 making their fans surprised and excited at the same time.

In the beginning of the year 2016, we could figure out the couple keeping good terms with Sandra Bullock and increasing their friendship with her. They openly revealed their stance on growing up their family just like Sandra did by adopting little girl ‘Laila’. Jennifer and Sandra have been spotted coming close to each other and now it’s very clear that the reason that brought them closer was this process of adaptation. Since 2014, they had been talking about how to manage things in regard with the adaptation process. Jennifer must be very grateful to Sandra since she is kidaholic and wanted to have babies like crazy. The couple tried to have babies, when they were not even engaged, in 2012. They failed according to medical reports, Jennifer couldn’t make it to be a mother through natural means. That was quite disturbing for the couple. They had decided to adopt children at that point of their lives.
jennifer aniston and justin theroux 2016
The addition of new members to their family is making both of them very excited and the level of happiness is not easy to describe in words according to Jennifer. Sandra has been a great mother and is experienced in the process of adopting baby. According to her, it’s quite difficult to take things smooth and sound while adopting kids for its necessary to hide it from media and to protect the kid from the effects of the happenings. She remained a support to Jennifer and Justin throughout and she advised Jennifer to keep this adoption hidden from media as much as possible. Jennifer could manage it easily since the couple already hid their marriage previously, it was nothing difficult for them.
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