Jennifer Garner on Her Divorce: Hindsight and Looking to the Future

Jennifer Garner on Her Divorce
Actress Jennifer Garner is finally discussing her high-profile divorce from actor Ben Affleck after 10 years of marriage. Despite the gossip-fueled aftermath about the couple's nanny, along with the emotional distress that a divorce can bring, Garner is calm and clear about what happened and how the last 10 years have affected her in a frank interview with Vanity Fair.

Garner admits her attempts to make the marriage work and stay whole did not pan out the way she'd hoped. Affleck currently lives in a guesthouse on the property he shares with Garner so he's close to their children, but the split was a long time coming. In fact, Garner says, the nanny had nothing to do with the split. The couple separated several months before Garner says she heard anything about the alleged affair.

The subsequent brouhaha affected the lives of not only Garner but also the children, who now had to deal with a divorce, gossip, and the loss of their nanny. The actress says she has tried to avoid reading about the scandal -- she did admit to laughing at the Golden Globes when host Ricky Gervais took a shot at Affleck, calling Affleck's longtime friend Matt Damon "the only person who Ben Affleck hasn't been unfaithful to" -- and has tried to explain what's going on to her children as best as she can.

With the divorce happening, though, Garner says she now has a lot of time for herself that she didn't have before. Work has taken priority in her life lately, and as far as her relationship with Affleck, the two are just concentrating on raising their children and guiding them through this time. She does refuse to see herself as the muse for Affleck's new tattoo of a phoenix, however, insisting that she refuses to be compared to ashes.

Garner is quick to point out that her marriage was not a Hollywood act; she married a person who happened to act, rather than marrying an actor's persona. She says she'd do it all over again if she had to repeat the past several years.
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