Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million in Punitive Damages On Top Of $115 Million in Gawker Suit

Gawker Media has been in trouble after posting sex video of renowned wrestler Hulk Hogan. The court trials are in process and as of 22nd March, jury awards Hulk Hogan an extra $25 million, split in a way that $15 million to be awarded by Gawker Media in punitive damages and $10 million to be paid by Gawker’s owner. Although the jury had already awarded a huge amount of $115 million to Hogan on Friday that was in the name of financial and emotional disturbance after this sex tape.
Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million in Punitive Damages
Hulk Hogan is a popular name in WWF since 1980s and also a Television personality and entrepreneur. Hogan recently faced a big time of his life when he got into hot waters after witnessing his sex tape posted by Gawker media. In the video that has been posted, he was having sex with his very close friend’s wife. But Hogan denied that he never knew if he was being taped. That was genuinely a criminal act on behalf of the video maker and equally the media that posted it. So Hogan sued the renowned channel for this act as a result of which six jurors were set to work on the case and figure out that how much of a punitive amount Gawker could pay off to Hogan.

Jurors after considering the worth of the company in general, given a verdict that $115 million should be paid to the victim of sex tape earlier on Friday. The company’s founder Nick Denton and its former editor A.J. Daulerio had to face a huge and destructive situation in regard with their net worth as well as the company’s worth. But that was not enough in the words of Hogan’s attorney Keneth Turkel who called out another $25 million on Monday for ruining the image with such immature and ruthless manner by media and that it would be exemplary for other media channels to avoid such acts just to get ratings.
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A separate $100,000 were also assessed from the editor of the video A.J. Daulerio. That makes a total of $140 million that Gawker had to pay off altogether to Hulk Hogan. The Gawker’s lawyer Michael Berry was thoughtful over the verdict and made efforts to get some penalty out of it. According to him, the verdict would bring financial destruction to the Gawker’s company after things would settle down.

Pamila Campbell, Florida judge was expected to give an ear to the appeal made by Gawker after the verdict of awarding $25 million additional. But the court and the judgment both found it fine in order to make the media and such responsible channels to make them realize not to take someone’s privacy and reputation in their hands. The punitive damages of $25 million have become the talk of the town and Berry says it would bring a resistance from other news channels from their writers, publishers and editors.
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