Justin Bieber Goes Live With Nose Piercing

Justin Bieber With Nose Piercing
Justin Bieber has been in the news these days not only for his new singles but for his nose piercing thing. There was a photo that he shared on instagram a few days back in which he has shown his nose stud after piercing. It happened when he was on a tour according to him. People were really gone crazy for his new looks. Many of the fans took it as a result of Photoshop or a fake picture. It is to make it clear for them that Justin has really done it! Well, Justin shocked his fans through such revelation since many of them are his fans because of his fashion sense and looks.
Justin Bieber Nose Piercing
The body pierces who pierced Justin’s nose was one from Millennium Ink and he owner of Wildcat Body Jewelry, named as Pip Holcombe. Pip is very clear about Justin’s nose piercing and according to some sources he told that Justin was very excited for this to happen. he was brave too at the moment of piercing as Pip remarked:

‘He took it like a champ.’ He added: ‘he was great, he bled only a little and his eyes watered too which happens to everyone.’
Justin Bieber Nose Piercing
This amazing event took place at Vancouver, Canada on Thursday night, 10th of March. People were already waiting to have a glimpse of Justin’s study nose for it definitely is a cool stunt coming from Bieber. The time of piercing was around 10.30 and it was only Justin along with his friends who also got their ears pierced there. His first appearance after nose piercing be the most awaited thing in the history of Justin’s fandom. Everyone is freaking out to have a look at Justin with his stud as close as possible. Some are in high anticipation that Justin shares more pictures in his new look with a hot stud.
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