Leonardo Dicaprio Celebrates Oscar Win

One of the finest actor and film producers of Hollywood film industry is Leonardo Dicaprio. Many years he has tried and one film that was outstanding but it was his luck that he couldn’t receive any Oscar. After all these years of immense hard work and great movies, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar this year. On the night of Oscars, Leonardo Dicaprio swapped his laid-back going out uniform for a black Armani tux and bow tie, and Christian Louboutin shoes and celebrated the triumph of receiving 4th best actor award for his movie The Revenant.
After receiving this award, Leonardo Dicaprio attended at least four parties in Los Angeles. These parties included his own party bash privately held at an undisclosed location where only Leonardo DiCaprio’s close friends and family were invited. He partied along with Ben Affleck, Lenny Kravitz and club mogul Richie Akiva at the VIP gathering which was held at the private residence in the hills of Hollywood according to different reports. According to different rumors only twenty five people were invited at the party and the invitation was given in the form of gold Oscar-shaped pin to enter. The whole scenario looked like an episode from Gossip Girl where many guards were given the job to check the guests and their passports on arrival at the party. All the guests did not leave the house until the next morning and kept partying all night long. At the Vanity Fair party he took pictures with almost all of his co-actors after which he had diner with his parents and close friends including Maguire, actors Lukas Haas, Chuck Pacheco and Vincent Laresca at Ago in West Hollywood at one of the most famous American Italian restaurant owned by Robert DeNiro. 
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