Netflix Buying Will Smith-David Ayer Supernatural Cop Movie ‘Bright’

Will Smith-David Ayer Supernatura
Netflix is currently on the verge of making the biggest business deal of their existence with a big movie deal with a very top bid for Bright. Bright is a supernatural cop film co-starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton with Suicide Squad's David Ayer on board of direction. Reports are saying that this project is going to be the most ambitious project of Netflix to date.  The company is also recently stabilizing an alleged financial plan of between $80 and $100 million and an actor with as much star power as Smith already attached. This update was stated first today by The Hollywood Reporter who were the first to get a hint of this business deal from Netflix.

This movie costars Smith as a cop in a world where fictional features are a believed part of humanity. Smith has to track down a commanding wand and must squad up with an orc (Joel Edgerton) to do so. The screenplay has been done by Max Landis, who confined the found superhero film Chronicle and stoner comedy American Ultra. According to many reports, Warner Bros. miscarried to sign a contract for Bright, regardless of being the studio after Ayer and Smith’s forthcoming film Suicide Squad. If Netflix does have the agreement, it could be a vast success for them and will surely unclutter the access for all sorts of conventional Hollywood bestsellers.

But, from distribution point of view, Netflix has run into dilemmas with major theater manacles that have been unenthusiastic to let the company's movies into theaters the same day they show up online. Nevertheless, it is very doubtful Netflix snitched Bright despite hammering out the logistics for a theatrical proclamation, because a movie of this greatness feels too huge of a venture to risk a theater chain prohibiti
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