New Power Rangers First Look Is Here

Power Rangers is among the most long running American movies that has become an individual entertainment and merchandising franchise built around the television screens of children’s live action. This movie features teams of many costumed heroes and involves many sequels counting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, debuted on August 28, 1993 and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Despite of the bad criticism this movie had to face in reference to violence targeted to kids, it remained a favorite for many of its audiences. This is the main reason why Power Rangers is coming back with a bang for its fans.
Power Rangers
Though the audience will have to wait until the year 2017 to watch the entire movie in cinemas but until then the first look of the movie has been released. Power Rangers is getting its own cinematic rebooting done and for this purpose a new team is being hired so the work can be done according to the new demands. The first still shows pop star Becky G, RJ Cyler (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, and Dacre Montgomery as Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Zack and Jason along with the other important cast of the movie respectively.
The director of Power Rangers, Dean Israelite said that the rebooting of this movie is absolutely envisioned as a rationalized image of the current teen knowledge, as a coming of age story for the alienated and unrelated.  He also explained that diversity in Power Rangers will be an important focus for them to consider and modification will be included in the entire film making process in order to make sure that the true essence of all the characters previously sown remains the same but can prove to be  a little new at the same time. 
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