Rob Kardashian Celebrated His 29th Birthday

Robert Kardashian is a renowned TV star and an American businessman. He is very well known for being aired on keeping up with the Kardashians which a reality based TV show that is focused on everyday routine of his family.  He has also been featured in the thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars where he got runner-up position in the finale.  Robert Kardashian has just celebrated his 29th birthday and his birthday party pictures are taking the internet by storm.
Rob Kardashian Celebrated His Birthday
This year was very wonderful for this youngest member of the Kardashian family and everyone is hoping that thing will keep getting more and better for him with every passing day. This year, Robert Kardashian not only got a new girlfriend but also came out from his hidings and lost weight to make he look even younger and smart. Robert Kardashian celebrated his 29th birthday on 17th March as an entirely changed man i.e. slimmer, in a healthy relationship with Blac Chyna and gradually easing back into the senses of his audience. When Lamar Odom who was like a brother to Rob, unintentionally overdosed in October, Robert sensed it was a wakeup call to him and that he should be more sensitive towards his health conditions. Awkwardly, that didn’t work as well to change his mind and arrogance towards things. His family became particularly concerned after he was checked into the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes last December. After this incident, Rob became more focused towards his health and within a  short period of time, he proved that he can be a keen person and can work on himself more to be a better human being in the eyes of his family as well as the people who love him and like to watch him.

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