Will Tom Hiddleston be the Next James Bond?

James Bond is one of the most amazing and spectacular character created by the Hollywood industry. This is the main reason why every man, once in his entire lifetime wishes to be like him or act his way in the movies. In the initial series of the James Bond films, Daniel Craig has played the main leads, but according to different resources. He is bidding farewell to this role and leaving the most iconic part of film industry for another man to thrive.
Hiddleston vs James Bond
Many names were under investigation by the producers who were still hoping to bring their shining star back into the sequel but Daniel has given them no confirmation yet. Many other powerful actors are therefore being tipped to take his place as a leading cast. Tom Hiddleston is rising as a superstar for the past few years and has wowed everyone with his commanding roles in films like The Avengers (2012), War Horse (2011) and Midnight in Paris (2011). Furthermore, the commercial appeal of Tom Hiddleston is growing rapidly, thus making him a very good candidate for the role of James Bond. There are many reasons as to why Tom Hiddleston would be a better choice for the film. Since, James bond is a rotating identity, Tom Hiddleston can be very cool and thoughtfully impeccable in the character. This movie would also give Tom Hiddleston a chance of being a lover as well as fighter at the same time, which will definitely bring out his dominant acting skills on the screen. Many rumors about Tom Hiddleston playing the role of James Bond has gotten the world of internet in frenzy and many fans are flooding twitter with loads of tweets and are even making groups/pages saying they want Tom Hiddleston to be the next James Bond. According to some of the tweets, he was flawless as F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris so he will be incredible depicting James Bond, while for others it can be a very controversial pick for the movie but people can at least give him a chance to prove. Reports about Tom Hiddleston treading into the character's next restatement have been on the net for a while now. He is branded by being charming, classy, attractive, and rough and appealing which are certainly the features required performing James Bond.
Will Tom Hiddleston Be The Net James Bond
Other than Tom Hiddleston, many names are also under consideration. These names include Damian Lewis who according to different rumors has already signed up for the movie, James Norton who’s acting in Happy Valley, Grantchester and War & Peace have augmented his chances for the James Bond character. Other than these stars, Tom Hardy’s name is also being suggested as he has a lot of determination and has verified to the fans that he can look cruel and be a cool car racer in Mad Max: Fury Road. He also radiates passion, which an absolute Bond must do. Hardy is a huge success with the public as well, because in different surveys, 22 per cent of a 1000 Bond fans voted that they fancy him for James Bond character.
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